Today we are going to take a deep dive into my own home. Let´s talk about the color pink. Why we have a stern women in our bathroom. John Waters. A rooster. A golden unicorn. A dead badger. And pencils without lids. This tour was featured on Design Sponge´s Sneak Peak a while back. You can read a little bit more there!


We removed some cabinets in our kitchen to fit this bench. It was so worth it. Sure, we had to get rid of some stuff, but who needs 13 baking pans? Also we painted a big pink shape on the floor and wall. The fabric on the sofa is by Lisa Bengtsson.

Love my little dish-brush-holder. They are called Rosa Ljung, you can find them at fleamarkets all over Sweden.

Viola will be going nowwhere without her unicycle this summer.

Purple table painted by my father, the car painter. Both table and chairs are second hand. The lamp is from Gamla Lampor, Malmö. And if you are in Sweden you can buy the World Map here!

The candle holders are also second hand. Old 70´s wooded ones spray painted in a mix of Montana spray.

I bought this rooster lamp in Nebraska. The chair is from a fleamarket here in Ystad and when I had bought it a girl who follow me on Instagram said she is sure it is her old chair. How outrageous is that?! very.
And the picture on the wall is of Viola and a dead badger.

This is me. And behind me Rasputin cover by my Jens Grönberg.

Viola relaxing in Shampoodle clothes after reading a Scooby Doo comic book. It can be exhausting as you all know.
Other important info regarding this photo: The story of the sofa found here! Pillow and some of the prints from Fine Little day shop.  The mirror is from Ikea and the illustration of blushing Carl is from our own shop. Other art by Janeric Johansson. Carpet from Lauritz.


Folding is overrated.
PS. If you were paying attention you noticed that I was wearing these clothes in the picture before. And yes you are correct: that means I am shooting this picture in my underwear.

Bobby, election poster from Nebraska.

Not only is this a unicorn it is also golden.

This is Viola´s room.

This is her shelf.

And this is her door and her accordion.

I love women and I love horror. That is why these wicked ladies are in my bedroom. They are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.

And this stern looking women is what I see when I look in the mirror. She keeps me focused.

Some things scattered around my house. Guys from MASH. A nose for a kitty. Coffee. Pictures. And pens with no lids.
Last week I told you that The Wickedsisterhood is my bible. Well.. let me ad John Waters book Role Models to that list. It also has all the answered to my problems.

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