it’s a dance revolution!

Isn’t this amazing? (if you can’t see the embedded clip go to this link) I don’t know if this is part of mrs obamas let’s move campaign but it is sure a cool thang! She is even doing the dougie…

This makes me think that the world is finding ways to unite through dance. I mean the whole thing with Gangnam must have been the dance? Then when Harlem Shake like really blew up last week I was really amazed about how fast it spread. Ok, it’s not like I think I’m always the first woman on the puck (Swedish expression about being trendy as hell) but I barley heard about it and the days after literary everybody was doing it. Even the Swedish firefighters and the police.

This is one of the best – best of Harlem shakes… I love the grannies and the under water ones.

I think we really need this. The totally free from brain activity just pure kind of joy dancing! But the one thing I find most inspiring is how it kind of unites the world. Like the dancing – gangnam or harlem shakes, zumba or whatever kind of shakin’ just wins ground in every part of the world and with all kinds of people. Maybe we just have to find some dance that makes us be nicer to eachother, or a put all trash in a bin dance or a leave or your guns at home locked up in a cellar and throw away the key dance?
Maybe this is the way for making the world a better place? Or is it just the pure instincts moving your butt that does the trick?

This is also the last week you can go and see the David Lachapelle show in the Stockholm museum – Fotografiska. There they also show his movie Rize. About krumping – you battle on the dance floor instead of on the streets. If you are in Sweden go and see this exhibition and movie!

This is one of my favorite you tube dances for the moment – Maryland Students does a all kind of dance/flash mob/harlem shake kind of dance at a basketball game!
(direct link)

Well just keep on dancing ya’ll!