This outfit would totally make Edina and Patsy light up another fag to salute me. It’s not so much that I dress this way but more that I realized that suddenly my wardrobe was filled with prints I never thought would end up in my closet. So I’m thinking maybe I should go all in and just wear them all at the same time? What do you think?
It’s -17 outside today so I guess I need to put on every piece of garment that I own anyway.

If you wondering what I’m doing – I’m trying to get a hang of the Dougie dance. My husband said if you write about this now you are so hopelessly out of the loop. But the thing is we started doing it this weekend since we’ve been dancing to Gangnam style so many times (at least a million of the eight hundred) that I was thinking of other big songs that was connected with dances. See I think this is the thing. Do a cool song and add a dance that everyone can learn and then you have a mega hit! I loooove Gangnam. Everything is just feel-good with that one.

So here we go – a little dance on a Monday to give us strength for the coming week.
If you have more – please tell me!

This one we all know by now but I post it for my mum so she can learn this as well!
But have you seen the behind the scenes?

Oh Vouge- this is such a classic!

Macarena – not really my kind of thing but it still makes me smile!

Okay not really real but still a kind of dance to learn?! But this Daft Punk video have a sort of dance in it!

And then the Dougie. In this link here the Cali swag team breaks it down and learn you fo real

And yes the outfit. Beanie bought in Tokyo, scarf Zara, cardigan, H&m, dress Cos, necklace Brown Prince, boots Diemme from Nitty Gritty and coat from Acne Outlet (they are having sample sales now until the 5th).