Our friend Anne Ditmeyer is such an creative lady. She has started a Map Design Class for students all over the globe. Click here to see them all over the globe.

The class is for anyone who want to map out something in their life like a road trip or a map over the best coffee places or just sweet memories.
Anne explains:
“This class is open to designers and non-designers alike, and students of all ages + stages. Pen and paper are highly encouraged, but Photoshop or Illustrator work too. Feel free to go crazy with photos or mixed media – it’s up to you. Exercises will get you exploring different styles too. We’ll also discuss format if you want to print your map guide into a poster or postcard, or choose to keep it digital (and even animate it as a gif). I can’t wait to see what everyone cooks up!”

Click here to the students projects so far. They have just begun.

This is from student Robert Vidaure who is revisiting his childhood Palm Springs.

And this is from student Jean Manis who is making a map of her dog Gingers´s daily walk.


Think FUN, not stress. You can sign up here! it is only $20 USD , and DOSMAP gets people another $5 off