I´d like to tell you about some things in my livingroom that I really like. You already know I recently stopped buying more sofas. So today, let´s focus on the smaller things.

Let´s start with my wall of pictures. I rearrange this a lot. It used to look like this.
Top from left: 1.Our own Sugar skull Carlos. 2. Apple Papple 3. Concorde  4.Janeric Johansson 5. Viola and her Monster High doll. 6. Viola and the badger. 7 Pirum Parum 8. Janeric Johansson

Mirror from Ikea. and cord of light bulbs from Lagerhaus.

My blue velvet drapes. From Ikea. And more pictures:
1. My granddads dog. 2. Jens great grandfathers company 3. Esko Männikkö

Wednesday Addams is a frequent guest on our TV. Jens made the wallpaper behind her.

And my little collection of Rosa Ljung , and some other white porcelain. I totally stole this obsession -idea from when I photographed a home in Stockholm for Sköna Hem.   You can find them in most thrift stores around Sweden.

Also Terry Richardson´s Lady Gaga-book and the Action Bible

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