I love couches. You could say I am a couch-collector.

And this is my latest find. I had been looking for a new TV-couch for a while and finally one night this came up in an ad at  (like craig´s list, but Swedish). Jens said that he could go get it for me as an Valentin’s gift.

“Perrrrfect” I purred.

And today me and Viola have been playing with it. Moving it around to see where it fits best.



My collection of sofas below…
1. I love this one. it used to belong to my grandfather. It folds out and Viola plays with it a lot.
2. The second couch for our livingroom. Photographed like a book by Ilon Wikland
3. Daybed from Ikea with an old american quilt
4. Kitchen sofa
5. Carl malmstensofa. The 4th couch of our livingroom.
6. Violas first sofa. Painted pink by my dad.