Last weeks selfies from my phone.

1. My Rebecka & Fiona wannabe outfit. Someone called me Gunilla on the street. For an instant I thought they thought I was Gunilla From Hollywood Housewife. but it can’t be true…  And also it’s so funny with mirror faces. Why do I do that face? So funny.

2. Dad and me in the wood workshop this weekend. We have been building great stuff for an exhibition I’m working on. So much fun. Dad is also over the moon by all you lovely comments about his house.  Thanks for all your lovely comments! I haven’t had time to answer them all but in my heart I do! It means so much!!

3. Second season of girls started!!! Yay! So I celebrated by doing Shoshannas hair-do. Read more about the styling of the show here. (via) I want everythings Jessa is having. not including the neon babysitting thong thing.

4. I started wearing pantalettes! Why haven’t I been mature enough for this before. How stupid could one be? All these years always wearing skirts and dresses (I almsot never wear pants besides workwear pants) and always freezing my ass off. Now it’s bye bye. But if it’s even possible I need to buy a better looking pair. For all you sportswear designers out there – I do NOT want a garment that gives me the illusion of having a dick. No it’s not right.

5. Our friend Peter turned 40 and had a fab house party. I love house parties. He got this hot dog dress which I claimed as soon as he was out of it. I do need to give my hubby a crash course in simple photography…

6. My friend Blenda called when I posted this on my Instagram and thought I was at home crying reminiscence of the past. No I just thought it was funny. I was traveling around South America for 8 months and spend New Years 2000 in Brazil. The hairdresser cried when I said take it all off. I thought it was hillarious. Sending a postcard home to family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while with the text Happy New Hair! This was before Facebook, almost before internet – cafee’s  and stuff. We where sitting in the middle of nowhere in the north of Brazil waiting for Y2k to hit the fan. Nothing did.

Have a great week – you all