This old house on our land by our cottage is called a Härbre.  An old storehouse and this one used to be in another city where part of the family came from but was then moved in the 70’s to where it now stands. It’s a beautiful house and a good one. But we don’t use it at all. Well we use the little porch in the front to hang out – summertime but thats it.
Now I have great plans for it. I’m going to turn it into a guest house and a sauna. But still keep the whole vibe. At the back towards the woods there will be windows and a new door. But I want it to look pretty much the same from the street and from our garden. And the view over the woods are stunning.

For inspiration I’m looking at this site alot – Free Cabin Porn. Just love it! I’m also really into tree houses and there are plenty there as well.
On FCP I found these guys staying in the middle of nowhere in a self built hut. I have to see the movie.

If you have ideas for me don’t hesitate to shout them out loud!