Well he doesn’t live in this shed but this is at his country place just outside Örebro in Sweden. He also has a lovely lady- Lollo and a dog but I guess I’m too much of a daddy’s girl so I kind of forgot to take their picture. They have been here for about 3 years. My dad is a real Skrotnisse as we would call him in Swedish . He collects stuff and can make anything out of everything. Everywhere I look there is history in the things. He is cool my dad.

Let’s start inside. My dad had this idea of a copper wall. He looked everywhere. It was really expensive. Then he got hold of these copper sheets that used to be a floor for one of the plays at the theater Dramaten in Stockholm. He told me he tired to hasten to erosion proces of the copper by peeing on it but it didin’t really work. And No the pee’d on parts are not on the wall.
Hello! What kind of family do you think we are?

I think to copper makes a really cool detail and it goes well with the green painted floor.

I love that everywhere I look there is something he made out of old things. Patina is his middle name. The pile of wood is stuck between copper and an old rusty pipe. And the old shovel – isn’t it a gorgeous candle holder?

Where the house is there are lots of wild deer around. So he collects them. Well I’m a city girl but looking closer, doesn’t this particular deer look very much as a Bambi?

If I remember correctly I actually found this somewhere but didn’t have a place for it and then gave it to dad. That how I do it. When I don’t want to get rid of things I give it to dad. Then he makes beauty.

Thats my old desk lamp… and I remember that old net to keep the flies away. How beautiful I thought it was when I was a little girl. How I would trace the shiny flowers with my small fingers. It was so soft.

I think his friends does the same with dad. One of them remade his kitchen. It wasn’t very old but they wanted something new. So dad went there and took the parts but didn’t like the oak. So he simply put some color on it to match his patina.

Just great small details everywhere.

The lamp is an old mine found in the sea. The little one on the left is my pirate.

The round ball – is an old lamp – globe from Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, a park near the castle. They where changing all of them while they where still in perfect shape so I asked if I could take some with me? They had a whole lorry full of balls. I almost cried. Wanted to make a wall like in Lenny Krawitz old home in Miami. But I lived in Belgium at the time and didn’t know what to do with them. But dad knew. He simply made new lamps.

Nobody puts my baby in the corner.

Brother from another mother.

This at least has to be a deer?

No I’m not that old. I didn’t use this Bugaboo vintage edition. But we had the stone lamp at home when I was a kid. It was very intriguing then. A. STONE. LAMP. WOW. I did though buy the frames at a flea market. Now it seems that I want to take credit for everything. But it’s not like that at all. I just want to make a point that he makes wonders of things I couldn’t or wouldn’t.

I think he bought these ones in Istanbul back in the days. I never liked them. Think I even got a blue eye from one when I was little. But they are somehow so much dad.

They found Jesus in Amsterdam. My Jesus is laying there in bed working on his speech for his brothers wedding.

Old window boxes as shelves. Ikea lampshade on a vintage foot.

The voodoo doll is supposed to look like me. I was a difficult child and dad needed all the tricks in the book for keeping me on leash.

Looks like a scary ghost room. But it’s actually lovely!

Old pin up pins as wall decoration, the door to the barn as head board and Lollo’s old clothes as cushions.

Look – one of those balls from Kungsträdgården again – he made yet another lamp.

Cute girl.

Look at the table. One of the sheds on the land used to be the laundry. The foot of the table is the old laundry cooker and the top used to be a manhole.

Look how smart it is with the old door so the neighbors can’t see into the sauna?!

How do you like it?
xxx Isabelle

Well He has another house on the property – what used to be a dairy. It’s run down but really beautiful – watch it here!

And old smaller ones here and even more from the silver fox on this link.

Photos by me – Isabelle McAllister

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