We all do it: Take ourselves way to seriously sometimes. And even worse we judge others too seriously.

This is DosFamily´s post no 1000. By now you know that we love the absurdity of life. And seriously I think that embracing the nonsense makes life easier. That´s why I want to celebrate with reposting 10 post about just that: Nonsense!

A big round of applause to all the “Personas De Ridiculoso” out there! Without you we would barely have any readers.

1.Let your kids “style” you!    2.Look your best every morning.

3. Kids are great nonsense-makers. Don´t fight it-  stop making sense    4. They are also great at decorating.

6.Write down everyday conversations you have with people, or you might forget them.  6.Have a Barbie BBQ

7.Mow your lawn like the true artist you are!   8.Go swimming like an animal

9. Give the eyepatch a try.  10. Even though Isabelle is a vegetarian we took our girls hunting.



PS. I´m not even sure that “Personas De Ridiculoso” is something you can really say in Spanish. But I know that I am one.