“Mommy I want a pet. I´d love a dog, but anything will do” she says while we are out photographing.
“But I´m allergic”.
“..to cows?”
“Well yes, I guess.”

“It´s nice not having to worry about who´s gonna look after your pet when you want to travel” I say, trying to get Carl to be still while Viola takes the picture.

“Hey mom. Who is Hasse Alfredson?” she asks apparently forgetting about the pets for a while.
“The guy who sang  the song about the sausage with flowers on it , you know the picture above Frank´s bed” I say.

“Oh” she says then starts to sing:

“Please Mr Jailer won´t you set my baby free…”
“No, that´s not the song I meant” I interrupt.
“No, I know”, she says,” This one is from Cry Baby”, she explains.

Back inside, looking through Vouge Living.
Found some rainbow coloured pets, that I would not mind having.
Showed them to Viola:

“What about these?”

“Mom we can totally do that to a dog, I´ve seen it done”