What about energy? 2 – Food

Energy tip numbero dos – don’t mess with your breakfast or skip some meals!
About two years ago I did a feature with one of our morning papers Dagens Nyheter. During 5 weeks I got help with my food, a trainer and a mental coach to try to change, according to myself, some things that wasn’t working great in my life. I didn’t feel fit and I was tired all the time. I also had problems with juggling two kids and my work as a freelancer. For me this feature was great. I started working out again (when I was younger I was a real sporty spice), I learned how to eat better and it got me to start cooking. Read all about it here – it’s in Swedish (but I guess you can google translate if you like).

The first main thing I learned was to eat breakfast. Yeah are you stupido or what?? most of you probably say but I know this is more common than you think. I got up every morning around 05.30 not feeling that hungry but had some fruity yogurt. Then the morning race started and everyone in the family ate at different times but still ate. Besides me. Around 10 I was famished at most of the time running somewhere so then I bought a cinnamon roll or a sandwich on the go – which made that around lunch I wasn’t hungry at all. The worst thing was that I ate loads of bread. I love bread but you can’t build a body with it!
But then I started to eat oatmeal plus 2 eggs. Every day or almost at least.  Since I don’t eat meat – the two eggs really keep my protein going. Nowadays the whole family eats it every day – oatmeal that is. I used to hate it but now I can’t do without it. The oatmeal deliciousnes trick is berries and milk. I find that the best thing is to do it on the stove on a low heat. Take dubble dose water for every dose oatmeal plus some salt. When it’s creamy I add berries – mostly frozen but fresh are the best. And I also add milk and cinnmon plus psyllium seeds and flaxseeds. Some banana chips are great as well.

My excellent food advisor – nutritionist Kristina Andersson really helped me out. And I didn’t need to change much simply know what to look for! She also gave the advice that it’s never good to be hungry – the goal is to eat so many times a day that the blood sugar is consistent. She needed about an hour to change my habits so it’s a well worth investment if you feel you need it.
Every Sunday me and Erik also try to make a week menu and buy all the food for it . Since I’m no wizard in the kitchen I freak out when everyone is hungry and I don’t know what to cook. When we plan I know what to do with the food that we have and I don’t need to waste energy to make it happen. This has also made me a better cook.

Another recipe for oatmeal in Swedish over at the blog Matkoma.
Some more from Womens health Mag (in English) – the peanut butter and eggs looks delish!

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