It’s Swedish holiday time and normally on Saturdays we throw the oat meal porridge out the window and dive into a yummy feast.

At exactly 08.30 the chocolate croissants are freshly baked and hot in the nearest store. If you come 20 minutes later the first batch are already sold.
We can’t have that – can we?

We combine the chocolate with drinking yogurt, straws and some tellie. I always do butter and cheese on mine. Lovely.
Read this post from excellent Mr Cramby about how to make your own -Nutella. He writes  – google translated: “Having the hazelnut chocolate sandwich feels for us porridge-eating northerners totally depraved, a bit like sprinkling cocaine on his breakfast cereal.”
With my Belgian roots I had a bit more liberal upbringing in the chocolate department but overall in Sweden it’s like that.

It’s also computer game time. Oh – how I love just hanging at home without a plan.

Have a great day and weekend!

xxx Isabelle