We are totally psyched over Halloween. Viola has been Wednesday Addams all day. Not only by the way she´s been looking but also in sprit. We´ve been doing lots of stuff that we know Wednesday would enjoy like: cutting heads off Barbie dolls and digging booby traps in our yard.

So if we´ll have any “trick or treaters” visiting the joke will be on them. MOHAHAHAAAA


PS. If you want to watch something scary with your kids this weekend the Addams Family is such a treat. Viola enjoys both the 90´s movies and the old TV-shows.   as long as we translate them for her.
“What did Morticia say?” Viola asks.
“Nej inte nu , vi är sena. Du får elektrifiera din bror när vi kommer hem”  we translate.
(“No not now, we are late. You can electrify your brother when we get home.”)