My job is kind of superficial. I work with looks and images. Pretty, cool things. I try to give it a bigger meaning trough using recycling things and embracing the creativity that is involved – for me it’s the ideas that get me going not so much just making it pretty.

But I don’t underestimate looks.
When looks gets to be the most important , like everything in life- when the balance switch to red alert then the looks and the outside becomes negative. But I also think looks and superficial things do help at least a tiny bit.

Like when I am feeling like I want to throw a bag over my head and mope I try to dress up and put on extra make up instead. It doesn’t take my problems go away but it helps to cheer me up.
It’s the same with decorating. You can have a perfect home without decorating but if you fill your home with nice things and take the time to make it a comfy homely home I do believe you will feel better being at home.

With this said I just realized that the red hair and the meow prints gives me extra sparks today!