I grew up in a place surrounded by water. Always felt I needed it badly. Like this place I used to rent just at the sea.
Now our cabin is by the woods. I have been a little afraid of the woods. Not the bears, snakes and wolves but more in a Blair Witch Project kind of way. My goal this summer has been to own the woods. And I think that I mastered it. I crave the woods, miss it when one of the odd days I’m lazy and skipp it.
For 30-40 minutes a day I try to run and the woods are like a great blanket of comfort and support!

It has also helped to totally get into the podcast world.
Värvet is a big favourite- simply cause it’s feels like a confidential talk between 2 persons.  And they have lots of time.
I also enjoyed Alec Baldwins pods Here’s the thing. Kirsten Wiig is one of the guests and Letterman and many more.

Somehow listening to other people talking makes it easier to run than listening to music. When other people talk I can’t hear my mantra “this is boing, God I’m tired, What will I eat when I get back?” over and over again.

I have tried to tell you about some things I have been thinking a bit extra about since listening to other people talk but I guess it has to marinate a bit. I can’t form my thoughts just yet. But I’ll get there.


I also want to thank you about all the sweet comments about my porch. I read and really truly cherish all of them but now during summer I don’t use my computer alot and then it takes a while for me to answer them.