I know I know the internet is full of interior and lifestyle photos but that wont stop me, no.

I´ve been looking through my home tours today thinking about the people who live there. What they told me and what they showed me and what I noticed.

Why am I so obsessed with “how people live”? I´ve always been, I remember being a kid-trying to sketch the floor-plan of the house from the Cosby show. With the Tv on and with pen and paper saying “Of course Theo would take the kitchen stairs, it´s closer to his room…”

Today I am loving these home tours a little extra. Thank you guys for opening your home to me.
Picture above from this visit!

Jenny and I had breakfast here. See Jenny´s home here!

“Most of our songs are pretty depressing songs. But I´ve never murdered anyone” Gerardo tells me. See full tour of this home here!

The wall at Lisa Grue´s studio still makes me say aaaaaaaaa. See full tour of this studio here!

Visiting this house was like watching Twin Peaks and planning a wedding at the same time. See full tour of this home here!

A picture of an awesome picture. See full tour of this home here!

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