Stockholm 22nd of May 2010.
On this Sunday morning I walked through the streets of “Söder” on my way to visit Jenny Myrsell with my camera. It was pretty early, the streets were empty and the light gave everything a warm and red tint.

I had never met Jenny and all I knew about her home was what I had seen on small thumbnail pictures, received over mail. And it seemed that her home had lots of things that will make great photos. So I was exited when I walked through the door to realize I was right!

Me and Jenny started with a cup of coffee in her kitchen.
We talked and quickly it became clear to me that Jenny is driven by passion. In life she is pursuing things she feels strongly about.

With a history of set design for galleries and shows she now works as an art educator at a school for kids with autism.
This reality started as a dream when her youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Jenny speaks so openly about her son and even though I understand that this has not been easy, it is so inspiring to listen to Jenny as she talks about her son Benjamin and his ways to communicates through his artwork. I really admire her optimism and her ability to see things so clearly.
And Benjamin´s drawings and comic strips are so fun and fascinating.

The house was built in 1907. Jenny has lived here for 13 years. In that time she has not bought any furniture new. All is vintage.
And she is a collector. She has three decorated dollhouses. And everywhere piles of things and boxes of treasures.

Jenny has three sons Ludde ,23, Theo,14, and Benjamin 9 years old. The two youngest still live at home while Ludde has left the nest.
And “the nest” is a good way to describe the home. It is cozy and fun, and I wanted to stay there all day.
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