We love our readers!
Just an hour after posting my assignment to you I got this gorgeous picture from a reader from Sarasota, USA. Cami will start off this blog-challange. Tomorrow I will show you more, and please DO join! Read more here!

Cami Leawitt, Main Street , Sarasota, Florida USA With blog Flat Faced Cat

“Attached is a picture a stranger took when I was getting bubble tea from a Vietnamese restaurant on Main Street in downtown Sarasota. When I was walking back to my car i couldn’t help but to take an extra breath and enjoy the beautiful morning. Coming towards me was a teenage girl with a fancy Nikon camera. Something inside told me she would be the perfect stranger to take my picture. I asked her to take a picture of me and she was actually very excited to take a couple snaps. She got down on her knee and took this picture from a low angle. (I think I will try this angle for my own photography). I like this picture the best because it is more candid. I really like this picture because it captures a beautiful ordinary morning in Sarasota. It’s a “good feeling” kind of photograph.”

Dos Family´s own Isabelle had a stranger take her picture yesterday! Looking good Isabelle!

The Wieslanders on vacation in Berlin. Blog at Havtorndesign

Guro and Sarah at Swedish Hasbeens Garage Sale. Stockholm, Sweden. The stranger really enjoyed taking this picture, Sarah tells me. And who wouldn´t I ask myself, these girls are delightful.

And me, Jenny in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sannalinnea on her way from Helsinki to Tallinn. The moment captured by a friendly stranger.I hope the trip was great! www.viimeinenlohikaarme.blogspot.com

Cia and Harry paying for gas at a Statoil station in Malmö Sweden. There were people standing in line behind them but that did not stop Cia from asking the clerk to take the picture. “People actually seemed a bit happier afterwards, it was a nice moment”. Visit Cia´s blog  deerdot.blogspot.com

Izabella Jehad took the oppurtunity to have a stranger take her picture when she was wearing this fabulous dress.
Blog here: bellaskriver.blogspot.com

“This is what summer in glasgow looks like”, Jolene tells me.  Last weekend she was on her way to an indoor market with Ruby and Bella. When they stopped a stranger to have the moment captured for-ever in digital form.
Blog is www.preciouseast.wordpress.com

Clara from Buenos Aires, Argentina was standing in line when she found her stranger. The stranger was standing next to her browsing for tea, when Clara asked if she could take her picture.
“It was a very funny moment” Clara tells me.
Claras blog: . http://clarisimosdias.blogspot.com/
Märta Hansson and Klara Ripa on a buss in the middle of Skåne. This was actually their second try on getting a stranger to take their picture. The first attempt turned out blank.
Märta´s blog here: martamydear.blogg.se
And Klara´s blog here: pippivogel.blogspot.com/
After a little bit of flirting with some elderly strangers Petter Gantelius managed to get this picture taken of him somersaulting infront of Theater in Malmö, Sweden.
It looks like the little lady actually got down on her knees to take this. Good job stranger!
Se more of Petter´s acrobatics here: http://gantelius.se
Johanna with her girls Elsa and Lillo i Helsingborg , Sweden. Donating outgrown clothes to the Red Cross.
The lady who collected the bags had some trouble figuring out how to work Johanna´s Iphone, but was happy to help.
Lillo says: “Mum, we should have our picture taken all the time!”
Visit Johanna`s blog here: blogg.aprillaprill.se/
Kathrine and her friend Kathe were enjoying themselfs at Grünerløkka in Oslo, when they had a stranger take their picture.
Kathrine Lindsay Oslo, Norway  www.zoomienglimt.blogspot.com
Ballohedi from Oulu , Finland was out on her Sunday-walk when she had some random kid take her picture.
High Five right back atcha Ballohedi! See her blogs here:; http://balloilua.blogspot.com and www.kujeilu.blogspot.com
Justyna and Jagoda. Breslau, Poland.
“It was easier than I thought it would be”  Justyna tells me. A young stranger took the picture when they were headed home from an doctor´s appointment.
Claire, London Underground. mylittlepicturebook.wordpress.com
While waiting for the tube Claire asked a young lady to take her picture. “It took a couple of tries (I told her the wrong button to press on the first go), but we were both pleased to get it right the second time. She was a very nice lady and I think we were both a bit shy about the whole thing! Usually on the tube no one even makes eye contact, so having a chat and taking a picture made the journey more interesting :)”
And Claire! This is exactly what it is all about! Thank you so much!
Nina sent me a picture of her out shopping in Linköping.
At first I got another photo than the one you see above, one that actually “turned out better” but later the same day Nina emailed me this one instead saying: “This photo was the first photo the stranger took, it describes what it was like “having a stranger take your picture” better. A bit awkward, but still funny.”
“Maybee I should take one more?” that stranger had said after this photo. And Nina said “Yes” but still this one is the one I wanted to use.The true one.
Thank you Nina!
Ida Eklund, Simrishamn Sweden. With blog: prast-ida.blogspot.com
“While having lunch at Österlencaféet I asked a young stranger next to me to take the picture. You can tell by the look on my face that I was a little bit embarressed.” Ida tells me.

Elena Sand Atlanta from  Georgia USA  With blog:  Planandplay1.blogspot.com
“New York City last month. We were attending a concert in Central Park when I decided to ask somebody to take our picture. We never get pictures of all of us together but as you can see  sometimes my 4-year-old does not want to cooperate… Oh well…”
Thank you so much Elena! Love it!
Heidi and her sister in law; Lina with baby boy Elof had a stranger take their photo in Halmstad, Sweden.
This is Emilia with her family :Agnes, Daniel and Tove. They where at Nordens Ark in Bohuslän, Sweden when they have their picture taken by a stranger passing by.
With blog: http://myblognest.com

Look at this handsome couple! They were enjoying a familygathering at Fyn in Denmark when they had a stranger take there picture.
Thank you Line, Jens and Elvis P.
Alexandra spent a day with her inlaws at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. And she asked a stranger to take their picture, and guess what? then the stranger asked Alexandra to return the favour and she was glad to take that strangers picture. Oh how I wish I could see thet photo as well.