“Have a stranger take you picture!” UPDATE: THE TOUR HAS STARTED; SEE ALL PICTURES HERE

Like I said in my previous post I have an assignment for you. And this is what I want you to do: Go out and ask someone to take your picture, and send it to me. (jenny@ dosfamilydotcom)

Maybe you´ve had a stranger take a picture of you  and let´s say a friend, on your vaccation. You like that photo right? Well let´s do it in our everyday life as well.

This is what I like about it:
With this mission you get to talk to someone, who would normally just pass you by.
You will freeze that moment. Forever preserved in that photo.
You might see a diffrent side of you. Unless you are a modell, posing for a stranger is not a part of you daily life, and it might have you looking in a way you  are not used to seeing yourself in.
This mission will make you step out of your comfort zone and do something somewhat scary and some days that is just what the doctor would have ordered!

The best picture will win the deck of cards “A travel guide” that I bought. See more of it here!

Rules are simple: Ask a stranger to take a picture of you with your camera/phone. It could be just you. You and a friend or your whole family. Send it to me. And if you have a blog I will link to it. jenny (@) dosfamily. com

Here is my own submission:
When I went to Copenhagen last month I went up to a stranger (that looked friendly) in the street and asked if he could take my picture.
And it was fun. He was a bit surprised, I felt a bit embarrassed (and it shows in the picture) But at the same time it made me happy. The stranger and I parted smiling.  “Have a good day, thanks”

I like having this picture as a reminder of a moment that has past.

So: ask someone to take a photo of you, and send that photo to me! (jenny@ dosfamilydotcom)