According to Swedish folklore, Easter was a time when witches stole household brooms and flew to Blåkulla or “Blue Mountain”  to consort with the devil.  From this ancient superstition a modern tradition has taken root in the form of a mini-Halloween where children dress up as Easter witches with headscarves and painted red cheeks and go door to door with a copper kettle looking for treats. This usually happens on the Thursday or Saturday before Easter.Source here!

This week many kids will dress up as these “Easter witches” ,called “Påskkärringar” in Swedish. And I am sure many of you readers have done so as kids. But for all you non-Swedish readers I want to show you what it used to look  like back in the 70´s or 80´s.

I went to my mom´s house to find a picture of me as a påskkärring, but had no luck. So instead I have asked some friends if they could send me some of them.
And as usual here at Dos we would love to see more! So if you have any retro Påskkärringar from your childhood please send them to me!

Fia Igelström and her sister.

Charlotte Öström and her sister Kattis. 1976

Lotta , Lund 1986

Emilia with friends. Lund 1984

Elin Karlsson with her big sister Emma. Late 80´s

Johanna AprillAprill with sister Moa and Magdalena 1984

Johanna. AprillAprill 1981

Märta with her mother and friends.