Once again I went to Kicki´s house with my camera. I love the way she decorates. It´s not big and bold. It´s nice and sweet.
But even though the deco is humble the statement is clear: Spring is here!

Feathers and angels on top of the fire place.

Let your kids cut animal shapes and dec the walls

Vintage Easter cards found at fleamarkets. Very common, not excpensive at all.

Can you see the witch?

With all theses chickens running around it might be usefull to have a fox in your house to balance it all out. Kicki sells this fox here! And Fine Little Day pillow found here!

I´m gonna stock up on pretty napkins, just like these.

Switch the white candels for yellow ones.

“Egg factory” supervised by the chief of staff.

More Easter decorations found at a fleamarket. I love the small “påskkärringar” and they do look fairly easy to make.

More vintage cards.

Star Wars, King Kong a bunny and a chick.

Vintage scraps sitting in the window.

See my Dos Visit from Kicki´s house here! And her daughter Vera´s Easter card.

And I have updated with some more Påskkärringar here!