All you Mario-lovers out there check this out! Harry is crazy about Nintendo. And his mom Cia is crazy about making things. With a little help from a friend they made this four level high tower. A dollhouse for Mario and his entourage.

Ever since I took these pictures I´ve had the Mario-song in my head.
Let´s start from the top…

You start here!  Just you and the princess surounded by cotton clouds.  Such a nice and bounzing feeling.

Then take the pipeline down under the sea. Seagrass made from beads. Watch out! the fish will take your hand of.

Here you can take two directions..
Pipeline1:  To mushroom madness. (Don´t ask me how Donkey Kong got there)

Or Pipeline2: straight down to the bottom where Bowser is waiting ready for the big battle.

Note: This is a post from our April Buddy DeerDot. Thanks girls for letting us tag along. Photos by me, Jenny Brandt.
In the Dos Buddy-project I spend time with friends documenting fun ideas and projects from their life.