I have a bunch of boxes filled with photos. For years I have been printing without doing anything with them.
I think I have been aiming a bit high. I wanted them to be categorized by dates in photo albums.  With caption to every photo stating place and date with a fun fact.

So today I took a different approach on the project. I stopped thinking so much and just started. I choose the photos that I liked glued them in there and then a had Viola draw things in the book. How ever and whatever she wanted.  This is what it looked like.

Very often I find empty photo albums at flea markets. Apparently a lot of people never get around to filling them.

Here they are. The boxes filled with old photos.

Viola loves buttons. We used some for decoration in our album. The pig was just used to inspire us.

It is cold in Sweden now, so for a “sitting-still-project” like this, proper foot wear is a must.

Without any dates but still fun to look in.

And Isabelle. I think I have seen some kind of “Della´s memory photo album” at your place. I would love to see more of it!