I am changing Dellas room again. It has ahppaened about once a year – I love this forever ongoing project. I mean how do I know what the little animals like and need in the future?
Kind of get her nagging my ears off, since my latest tv show is just a interior decoration  show for and with kids. Hard to come home from work and tell her I am not able to change hers…

So please don’t look at the big picture. Just watch the bed!
I am so happy with it. Found it at my mother in laws house up north, collecting dust on the attic.
It had a color like dry blood, like it was painted with blood (look my imagination is running wild).
Della and I painted it.
Now I will hang new wallpaper (so bored with the woods) and chang the rest.
Dellas only demand is to keep the gymnastic rings. If I take them away I think she will throw me out the window.

I will keep you posted on how the room will change!