In my mother in laws vacation home up in the north of Sweden
(yes, Dalarna where I have been blogging from these past weeks) nothing and I mean nothing has
been done since the 70′.
This could be a great thing or it could be plain ugly.
In this case I must go for the latter.

Now our goal is to redo part of the house and make it warmer for the cold winters
but we havn’t decided on when this is going to happen.

We havn’t made up our minds for the past years.

This year I simply couldn’t stand the brown, dirty- feeling of a kitchen
so I put in 2 days of work and about 800 kronor (100 dollares) worth of material.

The result you can see below.

img_2057 img_2063

I painted the cabinets in one of my favourite colors. Alcro Ad Isglass.
It has this 50′ feel about it. Not blue, not green, not grey but like beautiful eyes -all of them together.


The other walls got my favourite shade of pink. A dirty kind of pink.
Matchable with every color I like. A true beauty!
NCS: S2010-r10b

img_2062 img_2064

On top of the old vinyl flooring which was used as protection from the water (stänkskydd), I simply
attached dotted oil cloth (oh chocking – oil cloth an dots!  Very inventive Isabelle).
I just used some white small nails to attach it which blended with the dots.

img_2054 img_2052

Then I ran around the house for some odd paintings and a beautiful mirror.
I still have to find a good carpet to cover up the ugly vinyl flooring.

bild img_2076
One of the paintings my kids cousin made.
A stencil from this photo. He is 13 and was testing stuff out. I love it.
Beppes T-shirt comes from Jennys store – you can buy it here. (click, click).

Ciao, ciao from the Swedish woods!

Remember – just a little bit of color and effort can change a lot!