So what happens at a Swedish midsummer?
Well, we celebrate the summer, we put flowers in our hair.
We eat sill (herring) and we dance around a big pole which is decorated with leaves and flowers.
Very pretty!
And a lot of the swedes get pissed out of their senses.
Not so pretty.


Beppe enjoys his first summer.

img_2123 img_21801
Typical for midsummer is strange weather. Still june. Hot and cold. And always rain and sun.
The big midsummer issue is always – if to set the table outside or inside?
Mostly we run in and out. With the food, tables, chairs, decoration and everything else.
Quite a funny picture. Swedish people carrying things inside outside then inside again.
And looking up to the sky praying to the weather God to behave.
We celebrate summer who not always care to show up.

img_21061 img_2107
These are some of the things we carried outside… Enjoying a couple of hours chill time in the sun.
Before the rain.

img_2161 img_2176

In the afternoon we went to the festivities of the village next to ours.
It starts with loads of strong men raising the decorated pole.

We are celebrating in
Leksand. Leksand has a slogan – The capital of midsummer.
It is very traditional and beautiful.
Just look at these dresses.

Next year I have to try it!

img_2174 img_2160

When the pole is in position it is dancing time.


Here I am doing the dance:
The small frogs are funny to watch. (It is true – this is what we sing).
Another one is called three little ladys are going to the market.
(Strange enough this is before everyone gets pissed)


Sun and rain it is.
At midnight the day had a perfect endning with pink and a rainbow!

Now all the sweedes can talk about is that we are heading towards darker times again…