I just love the worn out, simple and cheap idea of making shelves out of old wooden crates.
The ones on the left are from Dellas room and the other one is from our new kitchen in our cottage.
We have just started to renovate the cottage and

the kitchen is far from ready but slowly we are getting there.
We don’t have a kitchen top yet – it will be concrete.
And I am going to make my own cabinet doors out of old scrap wood from the old 50’s kitchen
that was trown out in the 70′ but are still in the barn in our yard.
Behind the big painting is a hole – for a window so we can cook and look out on the woods!

You can see some more photo’s of how the kitchen looked like before here
and more from the  “before house” – here.

I simply found these old crates in the barn. Old sugar, butter and fruit boxes.

In Dellas room I used fruit crates from the market place. Like I did in Hadichas room for Fixa rummet.
They are really cheap, got them for free!
Altough not so strong, I like the simple bric a brac feel to it. We painted them with left over paint.