I got this challenge from The Swedish Retro -blog retronu.blogg.se

It was originally a challenge for my other blog Sammy Rose, but I decided I wanted to show it here instead.

“Post your 5 best fleamarket-finds ”

Even though the rules were simple I couldn’t stick with them. Because I have been up with my newborn baby Frank all night I decided to make it a bit easier for me, so I will show you only 3 finds instead.

Here goes:

1. I found this “Girl with Puppy” picture at a Antique Mall in Lincoln Nebraska. Both me and Jens fell for her and packed her in our suitcase with us back home to Sweden. I love to buy framed pictures as travel memorabilia.


2. … and we have many times. Like this other great find. A photo from the  “Gen´l Federation Women´s Clubs”. June 2-6 1958. Detroit. We found this at a Salvation Army, also in Nebraska, after several hours of walking. It was really to hot and to humid for a walk that day, but this find made it all worthwhile.

After playing “Where is Waldo” in the search for a man in the picture we have found TWO of them. One sitting at a table and one butler.



3. There is a local Flea market that I visit here a lot. It is located at the harbor of Ystad and the lady who owns it is a robust Polish lady with very high prices.  But since I am there a lot she kind of likes me and once she was in a really good mood and let me have these chairs almost for free. I think that she thought they were really ugly. But I love them.