It’s fun to see how we tend to think alike.
Many times I get an exellent ide to discover it in a book or a magazine the day after.
The small world and the ideas travel fast.
I guess we are all more connected and alike than we want or tend to think…
Anyway, a couple of years ago I rennovated my old dollhouse and now Della plays with it alot!
It’s such a great way to rennovate a house without to much hustle!

New wallpaper, paint and flooring.


An old babydrawing of mine on the staircase.


I scanned a pillow from my sofa and printed out a copy for the wall.
Baby Della as a painting on the wall.
I guess Yoda drank too much yesterday, fell a sleep on the floor and threw the tellie upsidedown.


Mosaic mirrors for the 80’s effect.