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  • Jenny from Jenny o Jens

      Do we have any fellow handmade business owners reading? The past 2 years I’ve focused on our online gallery www.jennyojens.com trying to figure out how to make this my main income. I have been a freelance photographer for almost 20 years. Not only has the market changed I have changed. First off the printed media is struggling, “everyone is a photographer” these days and a lot of businesses do…

  • Jenny will be at FARMERS MARKET 16 – 17 SEPTEMBER

    I will be selling our art from jennyojens.com at the Farmers Market in Tvååker. Read more about it here: Strömma Farmlodge or here:  Farmers Market or on Facebook

  • Pulling an all nighter in the studio

    Friday night in the studio. Coffee and music to keep me going. I’m making a rack for my pictures for the design fair on Saturday. We won’t be able to nail things to the wall at this venue but I think this will work nicely. PS: Idea stolen from Atom_47  This is art photo from our shop. Find it here.