I’m thrilled to hear so many of you want to do the running club! Yay!
We will run all over the world! From Island to, Vancouver, to Patagonia, to Melbourne and Sweden of course.

I’ve got some questions about what to wear when running in cold weather.
For me I love running in weird weather like rain, and snow and cold. It’s like I’m more part of the nature in a way. We have been having lots of snow and ice here during winter but I’ve been able to run really well in just normal running shoes. Some use running spikes under the shoes or shoes like the icebugs with built in spikes. Maybe I’m not yet a fast enough runner but I’ve managed without.

I also want to say that I’m all for buying some new running clothes to boost your training. When it’s cold I don’t mind wearing bigger “old” clothes but when I started I loved my new thighs. It felt like a new me and helped me take myself and my training a bit more serious. It could also have something to do with me wearing such old sweatpants that the rubber band was broken and I had to pull my pants up every ten meters…

Another good thing is to look into your shoes. Even if you have an old pair it is a good investment to see if they are good enough.
I also want to say that I’m easily cold but I also sweat ALOT. But I prefer to wear a bit to much clothes wintertime than less. After a while, naturally,  you will find out what works best for you.

First layer
I wear comfy normal underwear, a sports bra and support stockings. I got some nasty varicose veins after my pregnancys and the stockings helps alot plus I heard that it’s good for everyone to use it. If it’s really cold I just go with warm woolen socks. Remember that woolen sock should be used directly on your skin. If you use cotton as an extra layer – they don’t really work.  An intimate tip is to use a tampon if you have a tendency to leak a bit while you run or jump or whatever sports you want to do. Then the body pinches in and help you.

Second Layer:
Here I just use a normal base layer underwear in merino wool. mine comes from Icebreaker and smartwool.

Third layer:
I guess you can do these pantalettes under the base layer but I like it on top. I do HATE the shape and look if these but they work. Both in the slopes and while running. Your tush will love’m.

Fourth layer:
Depending on just how cold weather it is I use different kind of sweat pants. These ones are simple ones from American Apparel. But otherwise I use thinner ones from Under Armour.On top I wear a primaloft jacket from Peak Performance, It’s a light down jacket and I LOVE this material. Now loads of brands carry these kinds of jackets. Like Uniqlo are full of them. They are supposed to be 5 times warmer than a fleece. I love having mine while doing anything outside. Even under a nice normal “dressed” coat.

Top Layer:
If it’s warmer I go without this extra fleece otherwise I stick it on top of the light down. This one is by Houdini and I LOVE it. It has the most perfect shape of the hood. I mostly skip wearing gloves but when it’s -16C you just have to. Then I wear whatever I’ve got at home. I also take whatever cap I’ll find but I love my Yankees one with ear protection. I look kind of funny in it but it’s comfy. Then I prefer wearing big headphones – it’s also warmer.

I have an old pair from Under Armour which I also love. Before I went more for a classic brand but this pair are the best one I’ve had so far. I do need to buy a new pair. I heard you should change about once a year at least.

If I was better at spending I would totally go for all the runners clothes from Nike Gyakusou found in Sweden at Sneakersnstuff or the stella things for adidas.

Ok – is this enough?

We can talk about his more when spring is here for real!
Can’t wait to start this!