We have a wardrobe!


Jens and I have never had a proper wardrobe for our clothes.
When we lived in our apartment, before the kids, we had our underwear in plastic bags hung on hangers in a small cramped cupboard. It was charming in a “Trainspotting“- sort of way. For some reason that lazy ass routin followed us to the house and we focused on painting things pink instead of dealing with our storage.

But now, 14 years later, we finally spent some money on very nice built in closet with sliding doors. You can see part of it above. Frank has claimed it as his though.
Today I´m tormenting Isabelle to help me decide on what shade of color I should paint it in.

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An uninflated toy dino


Calling in sick today.
Frank´s been up all night with an earinfection. And Jens and I are feeling under the weather as well.

Anyway I stepped over this uninflated dino on the way out to the studio this morning. It looks so pretty agains that pink threshold.
Jens and I bought it when we went to New York in 2012. See our posts about the trip here!

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Painted floor boards – bedroom make over


We´re repainting the floors on our second floor. They´ve been craving a new coat for a long time now, so ugly and worn.
Our bedroom got this luscious shade called Gasoline (From Beckers). The walls will be pink (naturally) I´m  choosing between Auros 2 pink shades.


I´ve ordered these bedlinnens from Ellos and the Vita Eos feather lamp. from the Sofa store

I´ll show you when it´s done.
Have a nice weekend!

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Polly Lee´s new room – by Isabelle McAllister


You should head over to Isabelle´s blog and check out this room she did with Beckers for Family Living.
Polle Lee wanted a make over of her room and Isabelle and her assistent Elin came to the rescue.


To get all the color codes from this room click on this link. Sveriges-trakigaste-barnrum-Foto-Emily-Dahl-6-700x970

I´m happy to see our prints Scary Hand and This is art used here in such a fun way.


New Issue of Family Living is out in stores today February 23rd
This is a collaboration with Family Living and Beckers.

Photo’s by Emily Dahl  (super-photographer with a very nice blog)
Assistant: Elin Wallin   (you need to follow Elin´s sweet instagram if you like family friendly decor)

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