Jenny, have you watched this yet?

Apparently the girls of Friends reunited yesterday! at Jimmy Kimmel.
It’s kind of killing me that I was a Ross fan at the time. I would so pick Chandler now.
Also can we talk about Jennifer Anistons Beau Justin Theroux that’s doing a helluva good job in The Leftovers! Have you seen it? I’m confused. It’s crazy good and super annoying at the same time. What do you make out of it?


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Paris with Della & Isabelle part3

I’m still enjoying the feeling of PAris even though it was a week ago. Such a photogenic city. And yet again I want to emphasize what a great thing to do – travel with one kid and get that extra time together! I feel so unbelievable happy, blessed and smart about this!


Cute place in Marais! We didn’t eat here but I can truly recommend two other places in Marais.
1. The market – Marché Des Enfants Rouges 39 Rue de Bretagne
- It’s a small market, apperently the oldest covered market in PAris- from the 1600! There you find different food stalls . like 10 restaurants in one all with their own kind of vibe but still together. It’s rather cheap comparing to much else and you can find bio-, vegetarian- and maroccain food among other things. I always go here.

2. Cafe Charlot – 38 Rue De Bretagne is just a cross the street from the old market and is a typical Bistro. You can eat all day here – from breakfast to dinner or just go for drinks or a coffee. Also great place for people-watching.

3. Rose Bakery – 30 Rue De rue Debeylleme is also just around the corner from the other two restaurants above and everyone I met talks about this place. I didn’t go since it was closed for holidays.


Mirrors in the street -yes we like!  – What’s up with 8-year olds and mirrors? Grand addiction at the moment.


Another stop was Deyrolle, 46 Rue du Bac  in Saint Germain. They have been dealing with stuffed animals since 1831! This shops was one of the craziest and most wonderful I’ve ever seen. You can buy anything from small dried flies on a pin for 3 Euros to a Zebra head or a Bear from Nepal! So crazy and Indiana Jonesesque in  a way.


I took this photos in secret (I’m sorry!) since no photos was allowed but I just couldn’t help myself. I could’ve taken images from everything in that store. Amazing. Like this room with zebras and lions laying with lambs. Get out of here!


The also had a great collection of books and gardening stuff. And they said that all the animals nowadays comes from animals in captivity, from zoo’s and stuff. So they know the history. There was also a large cow or buffalo (don’t remember) that had a build in aquarium with butterflies on pins. Did I say bananas?



When in Saint Germain I also like to stroll past Le Bon Marché and have a look. Just for the grandeur & the trends. I watched the movie The grand Budapest yesterday – reminds me of this store in a way. And yes, that movie is fantastic. fun and not a single boring frame but yet again where are all the women??? How can you make a movie in 2014 with like 5 % women in it. Shame on you Wes Anderson!


Why oh why don’t we build stuff and stores, and houses like this anymore?


Also took a peak at the Conran shop. I love how this house is painted in Neon! And that the house had a door but was open.


Random shops in the streets get interesting when you are traveling!
I wanted to go to the kids store Serendipity not far from Le Bon Marché but it was also closed for the holidays. What A pity.


Instead of shopping we went to the park – Jardin de Luxembourg. For a Swede I feel there almost isn’t anything so exotic as palm trees! and then in a park in Paris – my mind started flying of again.


They also have a wonderful playground in the park. Like this one swing that was built for going around – like a swinging mini mini mini rollercoaster. I also went – it was fun!


And the leaves of the trees hanging as a roof. What kind of trees are those? With light leaves and bark that looks like a classic camouflage pattern? do you know? Abroad trees I call them.


I feel like that kind of aunt that comes home from travels and have to show all those never ending kind of boring vacation images. That’s what I’m doing to you right now. But I just can’t help myself.


More PAris posts.

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Isabellestipendiet – The Isabelle Scholarship


For the fourth year I’m doing the Isabelle scholarship to boost Swedish handywomen.  Since it’s only here in Sweden I’ll continue this post in Swedish!

Idag startar ansökningsperioden till Isabellestipendiet 2014.
Med stipendiet vill vi uppmuntra fler kvinnor att utbilda sig till hantverkare och lyfta de som redan är yrkesverksamma. Eftersom byggbranschen är starkt mansdominerad tror vi att kvinnliga förebilder kan leda till en mer jämlik bransch, som i sin tur höjer kompetensen och gynnar arbetsklimatet. Målet med stipendiet är också att medverka till diskussion om hur vi i framtiden vill att byggbranschen skulle kunna se ut.
Stipendiaten får äran, 20 000 kronor samt presentkort och priset delas ut på Hem& Villa mässan den 2 oktober 2014.
Tack till våra sponsorer ExpanderaMera, Hus&Hem, Hem&Villa, Byggmax, Svensk Byggtjänst och Beckers!

Allt överskott går till Rättviseförmedlingen.
Ansök själv eller nominera någon du känner.
Det gör inget om du har sökt tidigare – bara gör det igen!

Gå in på vår nya sida för med info isabellestipendiet

Sprid gärna detta vidare!
Lycka till!


*cis = till exempel om en känner sig som en kille, är det enligt folkbokföring och myndighetsdokument och är född med en kropp som ser ut som en killes oftast förväntas göra. Ordet cis betyder ”på samma sida” på latin.

Ps, A special thanks to Jonk at Follow me Darling who built the new Isabellestipendiet for us!
He also helped us with dosfamily site & my portfolio!

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Boys and girls that rock our world

Some things are worth a repost.
I posted this picture on my Instagram (@jennyfromdosfamily) with this text:

“Patrick and Rob in the movie Youngblood. When I was about 9 yrs old and I watched this movie for the first time knew I was straight. When I ask people if they remember a moment in their life when they realized being gay or straight people often mention another movie with Patrick -”dirty dancing”. (This and more on today when I play “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”). And now I have to ask: what made you realize?”

You really should go to instagram and read all the comments I got. It´s like talking a trip down TV memory lane.
Patrick Swayze seem to have started lots of burning desires and also Atryu (never ending story) and Leroy (FAME).

Thank you for sharing.

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34/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily



When Viola and I were going to our weekly flea market at the town square (here in Ystad Sweden) only to realize that it was canceled because Swedish Nazis had been authorized to have a gathering there. That moment is my Selfie no. 34.


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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


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34/52 Isabelle from Dosfamily


In Paris we went to Versaille – there in the gardens we found an odd looking bird.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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