As requested – a picture of Jenny blogging from her basement



The phone has been beeping of the hook with facebook, instagram and other social media alerts since my post about me and my sanctuary in the basement.
People are demanding a picture of me on one of those couches -blogging in the basement.

Your wish in my command: Her I am in my favorite spot of the house.

Alternative caption for this photo:
“Jenny surrounded by items she loves”
“Jenny cuddling in her fleamarket cemetery.
“Jenny in 1000% denial mode”
“Show me your basement and I´ll tell you who you are”







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Traditional Swedish Folk costume


In Leksand where we have our house the old tradition of wearing folk costume is still very present on midsummer, weddings and special occasions. When I was younger I thought it was nuts but I guess as with many things now I love it. I’m also getting older and wiser… I think I saw it as something holding the evolution back instead of  an homage of older tradition as I see it now.



Sure there are some folks that are very strict in how, when, what you should wear these costumes. But many are just happy for the tradition to live on. Just as in these villages – 20 years ago when people from outside moved to these villages and wanted to do something new they where nearly bullied by the villages but nowadays the old people are more happy that the houses is being used and loved. These images above I took a couple of years ago on a midsummer celebration. But if you are strict – the colors are supposed to be just right, every little village as well as town have their own colors, kind of aprons, ribbons, way of tying the shawl and so on…


I bought these 3 aprons at an auction for next to nothing. I loved the colors and became intrigued by the pink. At the costume museum there was this note that a pink apron was totally insane and no one in it’s right state of mind would ever want to wear it but it was some kind a way of testing modern expressions. Pink – always this revolting color! The black and white was used during personal mourning and the yellow is for funerals and also used when you where fasting. Fascinating – isn’t it!


Ever since we got this house 4 years ago I’ve been wanting my own costume. The proper thing to do is to sew one myself but time hasn’t presented itself for this cause. Buying one costs as much as 8000 kronors (about 950 Dollars). But then one day last week I found a plastic bag in the attic containing a whole costume! Just the bag is missing. Above I haven’t tried it on properly but it fits! And the traditionals wont approve with the sneakers but I don’t care…

The only thing is that this costume comes from Rättvik – which is the rivalry town just north of our town Leksand. My mother in laws mothers family was from there. Maybe I can try to exchange it for a dress from this town. You get really supportive of your own town when living here.


My mother in law gave this shawl buckles to me when she heard that I was into wearing the costume. Made of silver!


This photo hangs in our house. The girls are relatives of my husband. Dressed properly in traditional costume from Leksand. I you follow me on instagram (@isabellemcallister) you can see an old photo with kids smiling. Something I’ve never seen before. I think it has something to do with shutter time. You had to sit rather flat and serious since you had to sit still for such a long time when the camera was in use. I don’t think everyone was this serious? Also if you got your photo taken like once in your life you probably wouldn’t had time to find you photo/mirror face yet!!



When going to the small costume museums in town I found this image. It’s made in modern time but the girl is wearing a traditional wedding outfit from this part of Sweden – Dalarna.  Makes me think of Mexican, African and folk traditions from all over the world! Also Frida Kahlo pops into my head! Very beautiful!

Photo by Laila Duran – from the book Folklore Fashion


This image is from the Nordic Museum – an old, real wedding photo from this region taken 1901. The man actually came from a village just next to ours. Beautiful isn’t it?

Olle Björs, Heden (1872-1952) and Kari Anbo, Hästberg, 1901
Leksand Municipality in Dalarna County
Via Nordiska museet and this blog on Nordic Thoughts


Do you think I can do a kind of modern/traditional mashup swag?

More about these costumes


 Eleonore Nygårds from the blog Ytligheter – she comes from Leksand and did an interview about these costumes – watch it – in Swedish here.



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30/52 Isabelle From Dosfamily


This image is a selfie from my birthday, I turned 38 this week. A no filter, no make up straight up Isabelle.
Last bday I did the same.
I love how Facebook and Instagram made my birthday even more special – all the greetings and shout outs. You can look up on it as yeah lots of people don’t know you or people on Facebook that is more ghost from the past than actual friends suddenly say something. But I like that. The thought thatt even for a second I was on someones mind – and they took the time to say happy birthday.

So thank you!





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Why Jenny likes to read about Richard Linklater, maker of Boyhood, in her basement


This is not a review of the much-talked-about movie “Boyhood”. I haven´t even seen it yet. This is just me talking about an article I read about it´s maker: Richard Linklater and why it makes me feel good.


My brother in law Spike left us a bunch of issues of The New Yorker. Yesterday I grabbed a stack of them and headed downstairs to our basement. The only place in our house that is cool at the moment. I loaded the washing machine and made room for me on one of my many couches. Before I sat down I checked the couch for spiders (it´s a really small couch, only two seats, more like a loveseat really), and pulled an old TV closer so I had somewhere to put my coffee cup. Behind the TV I found a bag filled with “missing socks” that had been gone for quite some time. “Great I´ll deal with them later” I told myself  but thought in my head: Make that much later Jenny. Who needs socks now anyway? it´s too darn hot.


Everywhere I´ve looked lately people are talking about this new movie Boyhood. And the first article I settled on in Spike´s magazines was about it´s maker Richard Linklater. It´s an interesting read about his way of work and of the making of Boyhood (which looks really good by the way). You can read it here: “Moment to moment. Why Richard Linklater makes movies”.

I´m always struggling with the “WHY” I do things. Why do I stuff a helmet with flowers for a selfie? or wrap myself up in a sheet for another one almost breaking my legs as I stumble to set the timer on the camera? Why? Linklater dropped out of school and took a job only so he could afford to write and watch movies on his free time. Reading about other peoples choices and way of work really helps me figure out my own way of things.  (and sometimes it even makes me feel less crazy)
Here is what I like about this guy:

Linklater stays put in Texas even though “everyone else” is in Hollywood making movies. If he has a meeting there he takes the morning flight and he goes  home straight after the meeting. He involves his kids in his movie making, and that seems to be fine. And he is not pretentious.
Actor Ethan Hawke is quoted in the article:

“Directors are interested in ‘If you turn a little to the left, your nose catches a light in a great way.’ Richard Linklater would puke if anybody said that on his set. Like, ‘What are we doing, an ad?’ We’re playing human beings here.”


Reading that last line made me scream of joy from my loveseat in the basement. If there would be any spiders this is when they would run and hide.

Upstairs I imagine Jens and the kids hearing me scream through the floor boards, just looking at each other in understanding, shaking their heads and then going back to what ever they were doing.

My brain has asked myself that question so many times when I´m out working, photographing something or someone and the subject gets too messed with: Polished, brushed, tweaked, straightened, ironed, moved and improved into perfection.
I can´t stand perfect. But I keep forgetting that.

So to remind myself of this I´ve written that quote and taped it to the tiles of my kitchen. (see picture above). Now it will remind me everyday just like the sign on our door saying “FRUKT” is reminding Viola to bring a fruit as a snack to school.

Below is the trailer for Boyhood. Not only does it have Patricia Arquette in it but also  lots of scenes from “everyday life” in the US so it should be great.
Since I don´t like theaters (well I guess there is nothing wrong with the theaters really just the people in it) I´m waiting patiently until I can buy it on Itunes.

This clip makes me smile. I love how the kids are so dignified and the parent is all over the place (it reminds me of me talking to my kids).
The kids are played by Ellar Coltrane and the directors own daughter Lorelei Linklater.


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29/52 Isabelle From Dosfamily


This selfie is a follow up from the one last week. The moment before impact. I love the concentration of it.



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28/52 Isabelle From Dosfamily


I know you know I love jumps in photos but this must be my all time best. Only if I could just think more about what I do with my mouth every time. This image is taken at my favorite little swimming pond – in Västannor tjärn in Dalarna – close to our summer house. I jumped from a trampoline that is 3 meters high and told Erik exactly how he should frame and capture the shot. So I consider it a selfie!

The tower is 8 meters. I easily jump the 5 meters but still to afraid of the 8 meters. Every summer these  past 4 years I told myself to jump but never did. Still a couple of more weeks to go – do you think I’ll do it?


See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


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