I´ve photographed so many fun homes


Just look at all these cool people I´ve met and photographed. I need to get my sh#t together and start posting all my interior work I have on the computer as Home Tours here on the Dosfamily.  There are at least 30 homes that I´ve photographed for various magazines. The one above was featured in the Australian mag Real Living. The home of artist Kollijox in Varberg, Sweden.Jennyfromdosfamily-JBRnisch01

This is instagrammer Nischnisch´s family at their fun home in Höganäs, Sweden, for Sydsvenskanjennyfromdosfamily-Brandtpearottosson47

These are Pär Ottosson`s kids in Malmö, Sweden for my Danish Agent Linnea Press.jennyfromdosfamily-brandtlauritz01

I photographed the owners of Lauritz, in Klampenborg Denmark for Svenska Dagbladet.


See all me Home Tours here!

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My mother Doris made Frank a jetpack


This is a repost from my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily , sorry but it´s just too cute I need to post it here aswell.
My mother Doris made a jet-pack for Frank this weekend. She macgyvered two Coke bottles and an old backpack into this awesome looking thing. Frank took it with him to daycare the next day.


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Frank Viola is a baseball player, apparently


Our kids are named Viola and Frank.
When we visit Nebraska people often ask us: “So I take it you´re big baseball fans?” Apparently there is a starting pitcher by the name Frank Viola. We respond that all we know about baseball is what we picked up watching Field of Dreams. (One of Jens favourite movies actually).


We are spending a great deal of time in the studio these days. I was going to work on the floors today but instead we´ve just hung out. dosfamily-viola-violethair

Viola has been helping Frank with his Buzz Lightyear costume (he wants it to look like the costume that Andy makes in the first Toy Story movie)


Want more stuff to read? Here are some random post by me:
Some of my best EBAY finds.
Here are all my posts from when we visit Nebraska.
And a conversation with Viola 4 years ago.

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Isabelle´s new TV show is finally here

It is finally here!
Isabelle´s TV show about her new apartment in Stockholm. As you already know I´m crazy about Isabelle and the show is as you can imagine – very inspiring and fun and entertaining.
And I love that her dad Kenta is helping out with her projects.

Get all the episodes on youtube and read more about it on Isabelle´s blog.

(It´s in Swedish but there is so much inspiration in them I think you´ll enjoy them anyway)



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Weekend project


This weekend I´ve promised Frank to build him a Buzz Lightyear costume.
I´m also going to watch the last couple of episodes of Game of Thrones season 4 so I can start with the new season. I hate watching this show but I can´t stop. It turns me into an emotional wreck. All the people I love gets not only killed but brutally killed. and even though Jens does not care for the show I can´t stop talking about it with him. Jens does not watch anything where the actors need extravagant costumes, like Star Wars, Game of Thrones or any drama that takes place before the 1940´s. And absolutly no movies about kings, queens or battles. It makes him yawn just thinking about it. I try to convince him to watch Game of Thrones with me by telling him: “But Jens the are naked alot!” He does not care.

Anyway… I´m also going to wax the studio floor. I hope it will turn out nice and unsaturated.

That´s it.
Have a nice weekend.

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How to keep your focus and stay motivated- while working from home


I get this question a lot:
“Jenny you work from home and seem to be obessed with TV, how do you stay focused on work and stop yourself from watching 10 episodes of something?”

This is the hardest part about working from home. Getting yourself motivated and staying there.  I´ll tell you it ain´t easy.
I´ve read everything google has to offer on this subject. I´ve pulled my hair in frustration trying to overcome all the temptaions in my house (snacks, Jens, TV). Never have I found a plan that I can stick to.
Until now. Two simple rules that actually do help me. If I don´t follow these two steps you´ll find me covered in cookie crumbs on the couch watching some random polygamist show on TLC.



Two small steps- so simple yet genius:

1. Put your big girl bra on!
If I´m not wearing a brassiere, I might as well go back to bed. Nothing has a more lazyfying effect on me. It makes me speak and move slower. Hours will pass of me doing nothing if I don´t have the proper support.

If I´m lucky I´ll snap out of it long enough to convince myself to go search for a bra, but if I´m not so lucky you´ll find me staring into the fridge for hours, mumbling to myself “How can there be nothing to snack on?!”.
I wont get anything done, so this is a task I need to do before my first cup of coffee.



2. Wear shoes!
Here in Sweden people usually don´t wear shoes indoors, but I love to. Even though I don´t have to leave my house in the morning I always put my shoes on after I´ve had my first cup of coffee. It motivates me and makes me feel like a grown up.

A bonus is that I don´t feel comfortable putting my shoes up on the couch so this will prevent me from ending up there.
So lace em up and tie a pretty little bow and get to work.


Now all I can say is Good Luck!
I hope this will help you.



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