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We visited my dads summerhouse, you remember it right?
Also went to the neighbors who owns a lot of animals. And around dads house there are wild deer running around. I also regret not buying that flowery fabric at the flea market. And we enjoyed the Game of Thronish views and Della ‘Katniss’ McAllister came out to play.
And no the kids are not angry on the top photo just simply bonkers.

How older I get the more the city, during spring gets under my skin. I’m so happy we have our house and can hang out with dad at his!

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Yes it´s true there are Nazis in this beautiful and compassionate country


Sweden is so pretty today but also very sad. Instagram is such a great place for people to connect and support.  One account has proved this to me over and over again. Its @frkgul All the love and compassion I see in the comments gives me hope of a better tomorrow. Many of us have followed Piia as her husband has fought cancer. She has written about it so gracefully and yesterday their story came to an heartbreaking end. My heart and mind is with them today as I listen to Markus Krunegård´s Askan Är Den Bästa Jorden.
Thank you @frkgul for sharing your story. 

As I see the hashtag #ripmikael spreading all over instagram today I feel the need to talk about something else while our hearts are open.
This year is election year in Sweden. There are a few far right political parties that has gained a lot of ground here with their anti immigration speeches.  We see Nazis on our streets and in the media. NO I AM NOT KIDDING!  And it has to stop.

You might say “I´m sure there are no Nazis reading this blog, Jenny is preaching to people who already agree”
Sure. But there might be some of you who are considering not to vote in the upcoming The European Union- election.
You should.
Sweden is not the only European country with these far right parties.





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Life At jenny´s House


The weekend was spent outside. This is what it looked like according to my camera.



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I went to my dads house with the kids to celebrate Valborg – or Walpurgis night as it supposedly called abroad. But when reading the wiki it was all semi news to me – I mean the old religious tradition about burning witches and so on. The common thing in Sweden nowadays is that April 30th graduating students put on their graduating caps, sing to celebrate spring and get shit faced. All over Sweden people are doing huge fires somehow to celebrate the new, spring and burn the old and having some kind of fun!


A fire man is working hard on the grass.



The whole village was there and some dudes sang in a little choir.


We went gaming instead.


And won all the fancy stuff. Damn why is all holidays matched with so much candy. I simply can’t say now. So I eat and eat and eat and yeah you get it…


The evening finished with fireworks. Very nice.

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18/52 Isabelle from dosfamily


Monkey say monkey do

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Skogen är en skatt – Booklet made for Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap



Last summer Kicki Wieslander and I photographed this booklet for The Scanian Landscape Foundation. It is finally out and I want to tell you about it… In Swedish.
PS: If you are planning a trip to our southern part of Sweden make sure to stop by any of these beautiful areas. Read more in English here!

P Å  S V E N S K A
Förra sommaren plåtade jag och Kicki Wieslander denna skogsguide till Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap och nu är den äntligen klar. Ett kärt besvär må jag säga. Vi spenderade mycket tid i Snogeholms skog med våra familjer för att fotografera. Vi grillade, fiskade och besökte stugorna där man kan övernatta. Vi kollade efter fåglar i utkikstornen och letade grodor. Samlade bär och löv att göra konstverk av. Just dessa aktiviteter skriver vi bl.a om i guiden.

Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap ansvarar för 19 strövområden spridda över hela Skåne. Vi är så glada att de lät oss göra denna fina guide och vi hoppas att många barnfamiljer finner den inspirerande. Stiftelsen har dessutom superfina små stugor som man kan hyra. Se dem här!  Just Snogeholm är ca en timme bilresa från tex Malmö och Lund och lämpar sig perfekt som t.ex weekend-utflykt.

Broschyren är fylld med pyssel, kluriga uppgifter, tips på lekar, recept och sånt som är bra att veta. Vi hoppas att denna guide ska uppmuntra familjer med små och stora barn att ge sig ut i skogen.

Ni kan beställa guiden här (kostnadsfritt) eller ladda ner direkt och skriva ut.8B7B3359




Så här beskrivs guiden på deras hemsida:
“Gör utflykten till ett äventyr. Skogen är en skatt är barnens egen guide med pyssel, skattjakt, tips och lekar.

För att göra utflykten extra kul för barn har vi tagit fram barnens egen guide. Ladda ner, skriv ut och ta med dig ut i skogen. Eller beställ den tryckta broschyren gratis. Besöker du Fulltofta Naturcentrum eller Snogeholms strövområde kan du hämta guiden där.



Bakom guiden står fotografen Jenny Brandt och skribenten Kicki Wieslander.
Download it here!

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