Eyes eyes baby


So tired this morning, think I´ll just sit here and watch you all day.

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Morning in the back yard


It´was raining so hard last night. The thunder was rolling in and I couldn´t sleep. So I read #Girlboss and listened to the rain. It was so nice, finally some cool air it´s been way to hot for my liking lately. This morning everything is so fresh in the back yard so I took a stroll with my camera.

Today I´m headed to Malmö to photograph two families for a new client. So I need to start packing.
See you later gator!

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A red dog for me


I´m pretty good at buying things for myself.

My sister, who lives in the US, just got here. She brought me the stuff I´ve ordered on Ebay this winter. (to avoid shipping fees to Sweden I buy things online and have it shipped to her house, then whoever travels first brings it to me). I´ve been wanting a ballon dog forever and was very exited when I won the bidding on this.

Read more about my love for Ebay here and here.

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