A as in American and Anxiety


I´ve decided to join this ABC challange that my Australian blogger colleague Pip at Meet Me At Mikes started. An alphabetical “I Spy… game” A new letter each week to inspire a new blog post.
Naturally we´re starting with the letter A, then a new letter each week. I agree with Pip: blogging used to be more about things like this a few years back. Sending out challanges for other bloggers to accept. Remember our Family Picture challenge? I miss it.


Ok, let´s start
“I spy with my little eye something starting with the letter A”


A as in American Doll. Raggedy Anne
This type of doll is found at pretty much every fleamarket in the US that I´ve ever been to. She´s an American classic and this one is mine.
Also her nose looks like an A. So I think I should get some bonus points for that Pip! (not that it´s a competition)
Update. Plus her name is Raggedy Anne! (Thanks Mara)

A as in Anxiety.
Death has always been my favorite topic to disscuss. I find ways to steer pretty much any conversation in on the subject of death and the fear surrounding it. However I´ve found a new topic to talk about. ANXIETY. This winter I´m starting a photo and text project with a good friend of mine. We want to share stories about anxiety and the crazy actions it´s made people take.

Like wrapping up a vacuum cleaner in plastic and forbidding your partner to use it when you think you accidentally sucked up something in the basement that might have been asbestos. Cus thanks to google you know what it looks like and how toxic it is to you and your kids. (I took the photo inspired by her story)

When I talk about my own anxiety, especially when it comes to the fear of doing something to permanently damage your kids, with a group of people there are always several women who have storeis to tell. Talking about the devil that´s on my back is the best way for me to get rid of him.
So please do share your anxiety. Also if it´s unbearable go talk to your doctor, she will help you. (and if she doesn´t- go to another one)


A as in A sound system
I know this is a bit far fetched, but like Pip put it: “there are no rules in this game”.
Our sound system is on from early morning to late night. Music is always playing here and we hear the joke: “Are you having a party?” on a regular basis.


That´s this week´s letter.
I´ll be back with B next week. Hmmm what can it be? Beehive? Bart Simpson? Bermuda triangle?
Come back and find out.

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If a picture could have a soundtrack


Early morning, back at the computer. Not that early I guess, it´s 7.55 and the kids are ready for their first day at school. For Frank it´s the first day ever. Exciting.
Today I´m uploading photos to the Swedish clothing brand geggamoja and the American loan company Clara. One of the best things about my job is that it´s so versatile, perfect for that restless personality of mine.
While doing that I´m listening to Röyksopp and Robyn´s Monument. It goes so well to the weather here. So if the picture above could have a soundtrack this would be it. Just listen to the song and stare at the weather above or out your own window.

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Monday morning


Here´s a quick update before I go and pick up our car at the mechanics (it´s having some severe problems).

Yesterday I photographed kids clothing for a Swedish brand. The studio was filled with models and their parents. It turned out really good.
Then Viola and I watched Gilmore Girls. I did not see this beloved series when it first came out and I´m glad, cus it´s so nice watching it with Viola.

Ok got to go, wish me good luck.



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