The sun is here


The sun woke me up this morning. I instantly felt like spending a bunch af money on plants. So I did.  (cause I´m a grown woman)
Now I just have to make sure I keep them alive.


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Last week I went to Stockholm to hang out with Isabelle and go to the Elle Decoration Award
As usual we talked more then we photographed so I don´t have a lot of pictures to show you. But Isabelle managed to put together a nice post about our days together. Read it here!

Best thing about going to Stockholm is of course to meet Isabelle, but do you know what the second best thing is? To EAT!!!! Sorry didn´t mean to scream at you but Dear Lord I´ve tasted so many delicious things I had not even heard about before. Food is the only thing I´ve talked about to Jens since I got back. Burger-like dishes with steamed buns and salmon. Tapas and Peruvian sushi. Yum!

Thanks Above I´m at Fotografiska, where we had our book launch a while back.


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Some pictures of the corner sofa

dosfamily-corner-sofa (1 of 1)I´m guessing you´re all very eager to see what my latest sofa purchase looks in our home? So here it is. It fits like a glove and gives us the perfect dining booth. I do however think that it would look even better with a round table in pink. Come to think of it…  I do have a white round table in the basement perhaps that will work.

dosfamily-corner-sofa (1 of 1)-2

PS. I get a lot of questions about the blue wallpaper. I´m sorry to inform you that it´s vintage. I found 5 roles of it at a fleamarket and I´ve never seen it elsewhere.

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The plant killer

dosfamily-dead (1 of 1)

This is how I treat my plants. They die on me all the time.

Last night I dreamt that a distant relative of mine had past away and in her will she stated that she wanted me to have all her plants.
“Oh. ok. sure” I mumbled as a respond when my mother told me the news.
“Jenny, you must realize that these flowers have been in our family for several generations and some of them are over 300 years old, are you sure you can handle them?”

Then I woke up.


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