15/52 Selfie Jenny From Dosfamily


Jens made an illustration of half my face for this weeks selfie.

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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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History repeats itself


Yes that´s me.
Wayne Campbell was my style inspiration. I never missed an episode of “Saved By The Bell” and I was a joke machine.

Telling jokes was my thing, I did it at the bank, at the grocery store but mostly at home to my family until their ears bled.
I told them about the nun, the dutch and the squirrel in the pajamas. I told them about the tomatoes that crossed the street, the duck that crossed the street and about how they all got run over. I told them how to tell the difference between a mailbox and a cow. I told them 700 “Knock knock” jokes. And just as many jokes about blondes, Norwegians and Germans.

Today I´m in my 30´s and I kind off grew out of it.
My daughter Viola is 8. Her style inspiration is Kurt Cobain. She never misses an episode of  “A Dog With A Blog” and she is obsessed with telling us about funny cat-videos.

She follows us around the house telling us about funny cats she´s seen on youtube. She tells us about the one in the aquarium, in the bathtub and about the one in the fridge. She tells us about wet cats, mad cats and dancing cats. How one cat made a funny face. How one smiled. How one turned its head and looked really really evil. She tells us about cats who massage and hug other cats and also about the ones who attack. She tells us about cats freaking out over toasters and popcorn machines. And she tells us about 700 videos of cats falling asleep in weird positions.
“Mom the cat fell asleep hanging from a clothes hanger, can you believe it?!” she says laughing.


All of a sudden I hear myself say:
“Why don´t you go outside and see if there is any mail in the mailbox” And I swear to God I sound just like my mother!



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Jens made me some prints


Jens made me these prints.
I´m going to print them and glue them to a cabinet in our living room.
The top one is for the top of the cabinet and the other two are for the fronts. We´ll also do the sides.

I´ll show you when we are done.


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I got a package in the mail from Breaking Bad


I must admit I got a bit spooked when all these small plastic packages flew out of the big one but it all smelled lovely and the I saw it was from the very great “queen of Swedish Chocolate balls” Heidi Hed! She has been  flauting her baking on instagram and I’ve been dying to make these babies. But I never have unrefined sugar at home and always end up making these instead.

But now I got this lovely gift – with a note:
“- I didn’t put eggs and butter in the box… didn’t think it was a good idea and then Isabelle now you have NO excuses. ”

Well Hedi you are so right!

Thank you – thank you funniest gift ever!
And such a great idea of giving ingredients!

This is how they will end up – photo taken from Heidis instagram

Heidi is such a great supporter of anything that Jenny and I make. Fells so good to have you in our corner!

I’ll get back with a review of them laters!
Big kisses

And yes but of course – the recipe:
Hidi Heds chocolate balls
150 gr Butter
1 egg
3dl oatmeal
1/2 dl coconut flakes
1/2 dl cocoa
1/2 dl O´boy (Swedish instant chocolate milk powder )
1 1/2 unrefined sugar
1 tbspoon vanilliasugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Make small balls and roll them in sprinkles or coconut flakes. Let them get cold and more stiff in a fridge.





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Childhood ruined

Fun time Wednesday!
We´ve all seen that the Little Mermaid´s castle is made out of dicks sure, but there is soooo much more info in this video that I think you´ll find just as fascinating.



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Make a name letter lamp DIY – Marquee inspired


This DIY is also from the TV4 morningshow. John was one of the kids with me that day and we made his name as akind of marquee light.
I bought letters in cardboard. John paintend them gold and glued fun stuff on top. The I simply cut off the bakside of the letters and made a big enough hole to push trough the LED strand – lamps.


Since the strand was so massive I glued, with a glue gun, all the letters on a bigger sheet of white cardboard that I already had cut in the shape of a cloud. That made it possible to hide all the cords at the back of the cloud. I naturally had to cut the cloud in the shape of the letters to get the cords through. I then just rapidly attached all the cords with some tape. It would also have been nice to do a cardboard side as in this marquee star I showed to you yesterday.


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