This is a proper music shelf


Finally we have some proper space for our music.
We drew this shelf and had our carpenters make it out of MDF.  (We’ve had the same carpenters for 10 years, since we bought the house. They are called Rafael and Rafael, the kids call them “Rafflarna”).
When we bought our house it needed a lot of work, all our energy and money was put into mayor renovations like the bathrooms and turning the attic into bedrooms. The carpenters where here so often it felt like they lived here. Now 10 years later we can hire them to do fun projects like this. So nice.

Girl, I’m so pleased with this shelf and tonight you’ll find us in the studio filling it with records. I’m going to paint it in some lushes color next week. properstorage8

Have a nice weekend.


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Viola says “you’re welcome Mom!”


Viola made me this avatar (via Bitmoji) on my phone. I did not ask for it, nor did I know it existed. It was just there on my phone after Viola had been messing around with it for a while. Usually she uses my phone for two things. 1. Pokemon Go – hunting. 2. Adding pictures of her self to my homescreen.

I really love them and might use them instead of the gifs ‘ve been sending people latley. Remember I told you about them before?

By the way that post makes for a good Throw Back Thursday- so go ahead and see them here! 

IMG_7670 IMG_7671 IMG_7674jennfromdosfamily1

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Passing time at night


My photos are getting darker. As we know winter is coming and I guess they are adapting to the changing light.

In the picture Viola is helping Frank build a glas box for his Minecraft ship, so he can watch the squid in the ocean without being attacked by them. I´m over on the other side of the studio, stalking them with my camera. Jens is further to the right. Trying out different cords and sockets to figure out why the subwoofer is making a humming noise when the amplifier is turned off.
And Saba the cat is sleeping somewhere, unseen.


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