11/52 Isabelle from Dosfamily


This week is all about the past. Dunno if you can call school photos a selfie but it’s me alright. But I put the two to the left wrong. The red shirt is the first one. I guess you up the size of your teeth with age.

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


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Life at jenny´s House with Saba The Cat


Getting a cat was such a great decision. We´re all so fond of her. Here are some pictures of our life with Saba The Cat.

dosfamily-life0301 dosfamily-life0303 dosfamily-life030304

1. Saba decided that this little tea set is her toy. She beats it around like soccer balls.
2. Rember this lamp? Read about it here!
3. Viola is Saba´s favorite master, Saba run to the door as Viola gets home, then she attacks her and then she wants to cuddle.
4. Saba loves it when we “leave food out”

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The DosFamily Family Picture Tour 2014 – JOIN


Let´s celebrate spring 2014 with a new Family Picture Tour.

Today I ´m relaunching our classic challenge “The DosFamily Family Picture Tour”. And I´m hoping you will join. I absolutely love seeing you all, our readers scattered all over our globe.
Some of you long time readers might remember these tours from 2009 and 2012

It´s really simple here is how it goes:
Take a photo of yourself with your family. You can use your cellphone, a photo booth or your camera on a tripod.  It does not take long and seriously: how many pictures do you have of the whole family together? Not many I bet! Then send it to me. I´ll post it here and If you have a blog let me know, and I will link to it with your picture. Also ad the city and /or country where you live. How you define “Family” is up to you. It could be you, alone , with your cat, spouse, sister, friend , kids and so on.

Here is the address joindosfamily (@) hotmail.com
This email is only checked during these times of Family tour challenges. Everything else has to go through our contact form.
Got  Instagram? use #dosfamily or #dosfamilytour if you want to join that way.

Need some inspiration? Check out all the families who joined back in 2009. They are awesome! And so are the families who joined in 2012












All the photos in this post are my grandfather Sven´s

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10/52 Jenny and Isabelle From DosFamily


Isabelle and I in our Selfie number 10 of 2014

With Isabelle and I working together last weekend we decided to take this (last) weeks selfie together.
I know it´s a bit late but hey it´s been quite busy here lately at DosFamily.
Today is actually our book release day. “Rum För Kidsen” is now available all over book stores in Sweden.
Read more about it here in our previous posts.

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Yes! Our book is now in the stores!


I feel just as crazy as I look in the pic! Our book Rum För Kidsen hits the stores today!
It’s friggin unbelievable!  Yes, many !!! But it’s the only way I can scream on the blog.

Swedish and Nordic customers can buy the book via netshops as Bokus or Adlibris  or just walk in to a bookstore anywhere across the county!
It costs about 189 kronor depending on where you buy it.

If you live on other places on earth which most of you that reads the blog do, we will try to set up an own shop and ship worldwide until the book hopefully will be translated in other languages. We will get back to you about this.



I also build this 3-d cover of the book at the window of one of Stockholm largest book stores - Akademibokhandeln on Mäster Samuelsgatan. It worked out rather fine! On Sunday March 30 – I will be there signing and talking about the book together with 3 other writers. Wonderful Petra Kranz Lindgren who really understands kids – her book is great, Manne Forssberg who has written a book for fathers and Johan Unenge who will be talking about bed time stories.
The event is for free – read more about it here!




They also made a huge dummy – that will be as a display in the store. It matches my proudness really well!

Thank you Mr Perswall for making the backdrop for the window display out of wallpaper and Stockholm Bombay for borrowing that yellow pouf!

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Our girls



I’m designing some wallpapers for Mr Perswall that will come out in a month and we need some image shots for it. So Friday night me and Della flew down to Jenny’s for a weekend of work and play.


Just because me and Jenny is getting along is no guarantee that the girls are. Viola is one year older and they are both pretty strong willed and it’s been 1,5 years since they last seen each other but it took about 3 minutes in the car from the airport before they giggled so much the car shake. Fantastic!
They bonded again over this One Direction Shred video and mutual love for  Movie Star Planet.


These girls are wicked cool.


On Saturday Viola had a flea market with some other families. Della supported by buying stuff from Viola. So now we need to bring extra bags back home.


Big and smaller girls hanging with devices in between shots. I love working at Jenny’s with her. We are always in our PJ’s and all the props she got. So easy working.



I love that image of Viola in Black and white on the wall. And naturally the funky girl Della on one of Jenny’s 10 000 couches.


American pancakes on Sunday morning.


Everywhere at Jenny’s place I find small stuff that I have the same and just look at these two cazy cats.


Working day two. Today they where a bit bored so they tried to raise their wages. Their getting good at knowing what it’s worth for us – they collaborating…


And the bigger girl – Jenny in her living room/working space/studio/cat den/couch storage/library/eating corner all depending on which day you visit her!
She could be part of a modern kind of mad men at this desk. Mad women it is.

Thanks for having us!



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