Life at Isabelles apartement

Still working as crazy before the holidays. But managed to take some snaps from home today. Kids room is full with stuff as it is supposed to be.

Still listening alot to Veronica Maggios new album but soon I’m probably gonna OD. Favorite track Låtsas som det regnar. And love these lines from Hädanefter:
Sluta leta efter kaos eller fylla
Jag ska lägga mig i tid för dig
Börja gå i terapi för dig

My friend over here is not that photogenic. It’s a pity since it’s a fantastic lamp. I got him some new pants.

We are living on the fifth floor and it’s in the middle of the day but you can see the gloomy winter light taking over everything. But the snow is helping out. And the thought of being in Mexico next week kind of helps too!


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Life At Jenny´s House

Guess what!? I bought a new couch. The one above. It is so darling and needless to say from a thrift shop. You can call me crazy but it cost less then a cheap pair of shoes.
Where is the old one ? you ask? it´s getting a new suit. And it wont be done before Christmas.

I painted the old cabinet I showed you on Instagram a while back. @jennyfromdosfamily And I´ve been photographing for Swedish kids clothes line Geggamoja.

The kids a busy decorating the house with stuff like this.


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The wind beneth my wings

If you feel a light breeze flying beside you please say hello cause it’s me running. This fall has been the steadiest in a long period. I have been concentrating. Working really hard on a couple of projects instead of really really hard on thousands. It’s been an eye opener. How did I manage to work that much before? I don’t know. I also swallowed my pride and stuck up attitude about common gyms and bought a Gym card in August and realized that instead of running around alone I needed a pull from a trainer and help from a group. Since I haven’t been doin any construction work i’ts been great to go practice during lunch. I nice break to see some people since I’m working from home and otherwise become my inner crazy cat lady to a full extent. Also good for not getting stuck in the same bad computer position. I have been doing lot’s of Yoga. Oh my what that have helped my spirit! But now – these two last weeks before xmas are crazy. I’m having so much fun but it’s simply banans. All these projects I’m working on with truly lovely people and so creative and fun. Foremost there are so much freedom involved! I feel so lucky!

How are you doing at the moment?
Do you mind to share some? Where in the world are you and what are you up to?




The movie and song that still makes me cry every time. Beaches.

Such a great art project about the female anatomy. Lovely.


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El Coloring Book Ridiculoso is being printed next week

Our Coloring Book has been funded at Indiegogo thanks to your contributions. It is being printed next week. Can´t wait to see it.
“El Coloring Book Ridiculoso- 24 coloring sheets based on Jenny´s photos”  will also include some of the photographs that the coloring sheet are based on.
There is still time to pre order and get yourself a copy before Christmas. Click here to buy one!
For delivery inside Sweden it costs 20 USD
For delivery world wide it costs 25 USD



Watch my campaign video here….

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Yes, winter mornings I wanna hide too

Every morning I try to get everyone ready in time for 08.30 school  but it always ends in arguments and stress. At least when I have to drop both kids off alone. The worst is the competition of which school we’re going to first and do I need to wear at beanie, overall, shoes, brush my teeth, can I bring my toys to school groundhog day conversations we’re having in this house. Maybe I should also hide in a lampshade tomorrow and see how it goes.


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Last couple of days

I rent a desk at an office in town but it’s such waste of money from my part. I have been there twice since the 1 of September. Crazy isn’t it? It’s at home that I have all the stuff I need at work but I must say I feel a bit unprofessional when me and Jenny are working and we are sitting in my big bed, the kids are around and we’re drying lamps that I made in my bathroom among my freshly washed clothes… The best thing would be to move to a bigger apartment with an extra room for work. Above Jenny and Della is singing One Direction tunes.

Jenny was here 3 days and we’ve been working really hard. I wish I had more images of all we where up to but somehow I was lost in a work storm. Now I’m in a hangover job coma – have to go to the gym to get this body going…

In 20 days I’m leaving for Mexico – Playa del Carmen! Anyone got any tips for me?

Have a great week!



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