My print Girl and Badger is back in stock

My photograph “Girl and Badger” is now back in stock.
Click here to buy it in our shop.

50×70 cm  (about 19 X 27, 5 inches)
40Euro (around 45 US dollars/ 380 SEK)


Thank you for supporting us.


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Sounds Like Love – At Jens & Jenny´s House


Jens and I put together a Spotify list for you guys. It´s our Valentine´s gift to you. If you come to our house you can be sure of a few things. It will be messy, the TV will be turned on and there will music playing. We´ve collected the loveliest songs from all our playlists on Spotify and added them to this DOSFAMILYLOVE2015-  playlist on Spotify for you to enjoy, dance or make out to.

They might not all be about love but they sure make us feel things.

Chances are there will be a few songs that you´ve never heard before and if you´re really lucky you might even like them.

Also, to save you some time here is the link to  Missy Elliotts “Work it” video, cause when you hear it, on the list,  you´ll probably feel the need to watch that wicked video.

Or click here to go to Spotify


CLICK HERE FOR OUR LOVE Music List of 2013




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Henry´s Valentine´s Card DIY


With Valentines coming up this weekend I´m reposting this super easy DIY that Viola´s cousin Henry made.
So cute and brilliant.



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Studio progress


The carpenters are here today, dry walling our walls and celing of our studio-to-be.
If all goes well we will be moving out our buisness there in a month or so. Finally we don´t have to do all work from our livingroom. (We´ve moved everything around so many times for work, Like this time with Isabelle for MrPerswall)dosfamily-studio-1

This is what it looks like at the moment. We all like going out there to run around. Even Saba the Cat


PS: How did I become a photographer? Read the story here!

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Real Horrorshow


“Living with you two is a Real Horrorshow” I tell Viola.
Gee, thanks mom” she responds
“When you are old enough and you watch Clock Work Orange, you´ll know that that´s actually a compliment”

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Re-living summer through my Instagram



I´m just sitting here going through old instagram updates, dreaming about summer. Also currently re-obsessed with “I´ll Find My Way Home” By Jon & Vangelis and “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush


Saba The Cat watching flies and birds. Summer makes everything better.


Me instagram is @jennyfromdosfamily

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