Dosfamily DIY Turn your My Little Pony Castle Into Pure Gold


It´s funny- I love the color pink- but usually I don´t like things that are originally made in pink. I prefer things that are customized with pink. Like a pink orange I would love. Or a pink cow or a crocodile or any animal really. Or a trash bag, toilet seat or TV or even a house. You get my drift?

Take Barbie´s furniture for instans, it´s always pink. So dull and predictable. I would love to see more black and brown in Barbie´s dream house. The same goes for the My Little Pony stuff, often pink.  I bought this old My Little Pony castle at a garage sale and we painted it gold. Now it looks like a freaking sculpture in our living room. Just like our robots, remember?





This is what it looked like before me.

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Sunday war games with beautiful scenery


Sunday was a good day. The weather was sensational and some friends of ours asked if we wanted to go on a picnic. They knew we were a bit sick but still took the risk of contamination. Bless their hearts. We went to Fyledalen a place that looks like it´s right out of a Astrid Lingren saga.

We had coffee and cake. Worried over tick bites, spilled stuff on our blankets, took our kids peeing in the wild and had an overall sweet time.
Viola and her friends Bruno and Malte even made a movie. They did the writing-acting and filming. They did not want me to show it to you but let me tease you with these photos.

I think Viola was the writer/director/producer cause I heard her shout out directions to the actors: “Then you say -My own brother betraying me like this, I can´t belive it! and later on she said  “….and then you chop his head of, and it all goes black. I´ll see if my dad can fix that for us on the computer later”dosfamily-fightpart2

  There was an epic battle. dosfamily-fightpart3Malte told us to make a note to Viola´s dad about adding some lights and sounds effects in the computer later.dosfamily-fightpart4

 The ending was heart breaking.dosfamily-fightpart5 Very pleased with the result. They all agreed that “Next time we go out in the wild like this we should bring a big screen of some sort so we can see what we are filming better. And a tent, the sun makes it almost impossible to see anything on the screen”

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17/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily


Saying hello with this week´s Selife.

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Game Over Jenny


In this photo my little sister Alexandra just kidnapped me. It was fun.
Today however has been nothing but fun. Today has only sucked.
Let me tell you about it.

Jens and I have had this never ending story with fever and sore throats and yesterday a stomach bug hit Frank hard.
He started throwing up around nine o´clock last night and kept at it until early morning.
When Jens and I woke up (from a night of only 30 minutes of sleep at a time) Viola tells us Saba The Cat pooped on the floor.
I went downstairs for coffee only to realize that all the milk had spilled in the fridge. Screamed on the inside. Considered scooping up some of the milk that had ended up in a container with shredded cheese. But changed my mind when I saw the expired date on the cheese.
Instead I had my coffee black.

Checking out from work now (and everything else)
Hope your day will be better then mine.



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Life At Jenny´s House Through Photographer Lisa Wikstrand´s camera


Today´s “Life at Jenny´s house” is photographed by photographer Lisa Wikstrand

Last week she came to visit me with her sister Johanna. (You might know Johanna better as AprillAprill. )
They both live in Helsingborg where Lisa also have her studio. Johanna’s daughters Lillo and Elsa came along. We had spaghetti, talked shop, blog and the kids hung out and listened to spotify.

All photos in this post are Lisa´s See her webpage here! She is also on Instagram @fruwikstrand
Check out Johanna´s blog here with shop! She is also on Instagram as @aprillaprilljohanna



Johanna shows Frank pictures of her husbands transformers. Now Frank wants to go to their house every day.


Frank sure loves Saba


Frank says he is the Penguin, life long enemy of Batman.140417jennybrandt_bylisawikstrand_03

These two girls- only one year apart- had a lot to talk about. I hope they get to meet again soon.


It looks like Johanna is telling Viola something inappropriate. I´m sure she was =)


Lillo and Viola really hit it off.

I really love this picture of me. Thank you Lisa for sending me these. Come back soon.

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About a boy in a fur


A friend send me a photo from a movie premiere we had gone to with the kids. Under the photo it says- Tv -personality Isabelle McAllister with her kids Bettan and Della. I couldn’t stop laughing. Bettan in Swedish could be short for Elizabeth but you also name old cars Bettan and many times people refer personalities a bit as Peggy Bundy as Bettan.
If you look at the photo below I think it’s Beppes facial expression, the fur, the hat and his colorful pants that makes is so funny along with that name – Bettan. Like an old little lady. I posted this on Instagram and many thought the same thing I guess.


But this thing also made me think about how easy it is to limit the kids for what kind of gender they have and what kind of things they are supposed to wear. I bought that fur for Della – years ago but she never liked it. I must admit it wasn’t top of my mind to fetch it for Beppe but when I found it on our attic I thought why not? And he totally loves it. Makes him feel like some sort of king or a bear. (Maybe I let him watch to many eps of Game of Thrones).
Those pants he loves as well and he dressed himself that morning before we went to the movies. But I think that’s why the magazine gave him a girls name.
I don’t care if the magazine didn’t look up the right name, or that someone thinks he is a girl. I couldn’t care less. And if you ask Beppe he’s gonna be mad to be given a wrong name not because it’s a girls.

Anyway- it’s still interesting to see how important it is for many people to both dress and judge kids based on their gender. Like that somehow would pinpoint what the kids like or what they are like. Instead of just giving them the chance to explore that whole spectra of what they can become!


My son Beppe is just a cool kid, that some days likes to wear a fur and colorful pants. This doesn’t make him less of a boy but I truly believe that it will make him less of a human being if I would compromise his likings simply because of his gender.

I also wrote about this in Swedish on Instagram but wanted to kind of translated here on the blog!
I know many of you feel like I do which is fantastic!
And I also want to thank you for all the comments about it!

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