Christmas tradition on Stratford Ave.

The whole neighborhood chips in for decorating the street!

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On my sister’s historic street all the neighbors get together on Christmas eve to decorate with candles in sand filled bags up and down the street. The tradition started about 50  years ago and everyone participates.  100s of white bags with candles line the sidewalks and boulevards.

Viola has been doing this once before but this year was Frank´s first time.

Jens made a pretty neat video of it.  You can watch it above or on instagram @breakfastdesign


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Nebraska in pictures part 2- Viola and her friends


Viola just got back from my brother´s house. She has been saying good bye to her friends and cousins there. And she is a wreck, she has been crying her eyes out.
“It was soooo sad saying good bye” she cries “I hugged them one by one and I was doing pretty good but then when I walked out the door and I saw them waving at me in the window I lost it. The tears came pouring down and I just could not stop crying”

Me and my siblings have been doing the same thing all our lives. Saying good bye and sobbing like crazy, not knowing how long it will be until we see each other again. And even though we usually do see each other every year it is still a hard habit to break. Frankly it is just pretty darn heart breaking being so far apart.


Anyway… Viola has made so many new friends here. Mostly the kids on the street where her cousin Hanna lives and she is having a hard time leaving both them and also the fun lifestyle she´s had during this trip. Hanging out in the neighborhood, playing tag and basketball, drinking coke and feeling like you are part of an American movie. (Cousin Hanna in her Totoro suit and Viola above)


And her English has gone from good to awesome during this trip. “Some words are still so confusing though” she tells me “Like how do I know if I should use ‘either’ or ‘neither’ in a sentence? And I always mix up the words ‘airbag’ and ‘douchebag’”.


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Nebraska in pictures


This week we are ending our Nebraska visit and going back to Sweden. The kids have had so much fun. Playing with their cousins and their new-made friends.
Frank struggled a while with the jet lag and I´m sure it will be just as tough for him on our way back. My sister has a cat called Missan, she has been keeping him company as he has fallen a sleep every now and then.


1. Viola has been hanging out with her cousin Hanna the most, she is 12 and have lots of cool friend and a neat wardrobe. In the picture (above to the left) she is wearing a tee with the words “I went outside once but the graphics weren’t that good“. 2. Our mornings have been spent in this IKEA (of course) couch at my sister´s house. The kids have gotten used to being around Daisy, the family dog, and are now dead set on having one of their own. We will see. 3. This is what O street in Lincoln Nebraska looks like at night.  4. Found a cool parking spot.


Viola hanging out in a Spongebob suit.


See all my Nebraska – posts here!


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Hello from Nebraska


Only a few days left of our visit here in Lincoln Nebraska.  I´ve been putting off blogging and enjoying the computer free life over Christmas and it´s been real nice. I hope you´ve had a good winter break. I´ll be back with more pictures soon.

PS. Above a picture of Viola cut in the vines at my brother´s house. (from my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily )

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Happy birthday Jenny


“She’s here”
Nebraska is so far away Jenny is poltergeisting at our house! Must be the smell of coffee & birthday – cake that we ate in her honor today that makes her come to our house in whatever shape she’s up for today! Hope you had a great day – where ever you are!



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merry x-mas y’all


Hello dosfamily friends! We’ve been a bit absent but this last months has taken it’s toll on both of us and we’re taking a break from everything. We’ll be back with a brand new great plan after the holidays! In the meanwhile you can follow us on instagram   – Jenny’s adventures @jennyfromdosfamily  and me @isabellemcallister

big kisses

jenny & Isabelle

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