THe Cat in The BOx


Today I´m photographing some cookies and food.
Saba the cat is helping me unpack and get ready.

Have a nice Friday!

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Hey there!
Here´s a quick update from our house:

I´ve finally bought a remote for my camera, so I don´t have to run back and forth hitting the timer to take my own picture. Now I can simply sit and relax, as in the picture above, and hit the remote from there.

It´s Jens birthday today. We gave him a coffee cup, a new mailbox (ours´s been a wreck for years) , a roasting pan for the oven and some perfume.

Also I ordered groceries online for the first time with home delivery. It worked out so great, I can´t stand going grocery shopping so this might be the thing for me.

With that said I do need to pay more attention when it comes to the number of items I put in that online cart. I realized this as the delivery guy handed me:  one apple, one banana and 40 roles of toilet paper.
Jens is having so much fun with this and keeps playing out this scene infront of me, giving me the roles just like DJ Khaled hands out the stacks of bills…


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A romantic workspace


It´s Jens birthday today. I jazzed up our workplace with some candles this morning to create a more romantic atmosfeer.
Happy Birthday Jens- the funniest person I know!

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Dos Visits Annaminh and James, New York, US

Awesome looking barn turned into a home

Today I´m taking you to one of the coolest homes I´ve ever visited with my camera.

This barn, converted to a home, belongs to Annaminh and James, two art directors who moved from Manhattan to this amazing barn upstate New York, US.

Annaminh instructed me on how to get to them from Manhattan and she picked me up as I got off the bus. 1, 5 hour from Manhattan and I was surrounded by this beautiful country scenery. “Hey! so nice to meet you” she greeted me with a big hug. “Hop on in the car, we´re going grocery shopping“. ( I love when stuff like this happens to me, when people just let me tag along in their everyday routine)

Once we picked up all we needed for lunch we took an old dirt road up to the house. The barn is so rough and cool looking (Be still my beating heart) and it has a wonderful view overlooking a green landscape.
Annaminh took me inside, introduced me to James, who was at the computer in the home office.

“You can take pictures of what ever you like, I´ll call you when lunch is ready” Annaminh told me as she fired up the grill.

There are so many fun things to take pictures of. Like a big red throne, pineapples, sculls, beautiful wood paneling and the big bedroom that covers the whole second floor.
I hope you enjoy this visit.
As usual, click the images for a better look and captions.
All photos by me, Jenny Brandt.

2nd floor- sadle and scull
James upstairsGlass and plasticA drink for lunchOffice and a man admiring the viewLiving room and kitchenWood panelingBarn beamsWardrobe and bath

Bathroom and viewHelmut Newtons photographsThe bedroom covers the entire 2nd floor. The garageKitchenNo. 63To Mom and Dad


James and Annaminh! Thank you so much for this great day

James and Annaminh!
Thank you so much for this great day
Visit Annaminh´s page here!


All photos by me, Jenny Brandt.

Images or content can not be used without written permission.

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