Hola Mexico!

Yes, I have been drinking Sol and eating tacos, I’ve already swam in the sea and did some attempt of a wannabe Bo Derek running on the beach kind of workout. I also think it feel very weird walking around almost nude when my body just got used to being wrapped up in large amount of wool back home. And all the jet lagged party people in this family has gone to bed at 1900 hours two days in a row. It is all as it should here in Mexico. Well it has also been POURING rain so I haven’t even seen the sun yet. But that’s just a minor crack in the bigger picture.


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Watching paint dry with Grace Jones


Long time no see.
I´m sure you´ve all been a bit busy. This time of year seems to do that to people.

With December being so darn hectic I decided to create some “watching paint dry” moments for myself. The livingroom floor has been needing repainting for  a while and it gave me the perfect excuse. With 6 hours inbetween coats I have gotten so much done.

Like this:

I finally watched Swedish Tv miniserie Hinsehäxan. It was just like I had expecteed it to be- great!
Then I started reading Isabelle´s book recommendation: Cirkeln. Swedish smalltown teenagers who are witches. Yay! Great line up for a thrilling book.

For the last coat of paint I saved this gem.
Grace Jones legendary – One Man Show.
If you don´t have 45 minutes now you can tease yourself with a few clips:
The intro! Then jump to Grace´s clippity clop at 20.40 and then this 39.55

I´m crazy for her hit “Pull up to the bumper” (at 27) Everytime I play this song I want to play GTA vice city. Cause everytime I was out driving in Vice City. Even in a “drive by” I tuned into the radio station that used to play it.


The picture at the top of the post has nothing to do with Grace Jones but it shows off the floor before the paint job. /Jenny


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This was my Thursday – one photo every hour


07.10 Getting ready. Early in the morning. Not that many words yet.

08. 28 Doesn’t matter if I start 2 hours before school starts or 15 minutes. We always have to hurry in the end. Have to change that.

09.00 Such a pretty window. Had a meeting in this room. Felt like I was in Paris. You can even see too the castle.

10.30 My hubby admiring the view in an house in Old town. Now we want to move here.

10.35 Yeah I know this isn’t an hour laters. Had to show this one anyways. Me and Evert Taube.

11.25 Eating at my editor Hannas desk. Wicked smart, sweet and funny. She is truly the best. I’m so lucky. I had pasta pesto rosso.

13.15 I’ve been working way too much lately. Late nights and and all the time. I sleep bad and only want to eat sugary stuff. Which I do. Like all the time.

14.55 Sweden is so dark now. Sun sets at 1500. But today it was amazing. Just look at this crazy shot!

15.53 Since we’re kind of skipping Xmas this year by leaving for Mexico. I try to catch some holiday spirit along the way instead.

16.15 Lucia is tomorrow but at school they celebrated today. I got so emotional. It was BEAUTIFUL. I cried the whole show.

17.59 Hell hour on full spin. Trying to get the whole family back home and make some dinner before everyone becomes insane.

18. 58 Beppe writes his own name for the first time. I start to cry again. And don’t say it isn’t true. All his letters are there on the paper!

19.42 I start to work again. Crazy days. But I got so much done! Also ate some Ben & Jerry’s. My fav’s New York super fudge chunk. Damn. It’s bombastically good.

Now – I’m signing off. Good Night!


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Our Coloring Book Has Arrived- you can order it at our shop sammyrose.se

El Coloring Book Ridiculoso has arrived from the printers.
I´m so happy with it. As you already know this book is a result of a successful www.IndieGoGo.com campaign.
Jens turned 24 of my photographs into a coloring book. Also included are 16 of the photos.
You can buy it at www.sammyrose.se

Today it´s being shipped all over the world: Poland, The Netherlands , USA , Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China , Denmark, Canada, UK, Norway, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and of course Sweden. Thank you!

Everyone gets a customized enveloped doodled by Jens or Viola or Frank or I.




Buy our coloring book at www.sammyrose.se Worldwide shipping included in the price.
19 £ (about 26 dollars/ 170 SEK)

Thank you for supporting us by buying this book.

Party on!

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The not regretting anything ideal

In this pic Beppe is two months old. I’m about to go on stage to interview the former prime minister of Estonia Juhan PArts and some other Estonian gentlemen from their export council. It had to to with Estonian furniture production. I got the job and got somewhat attached to the idea of a challenge, being a moderator in English in a good forum. I worked hard and learned all the details. A week before Beppe got sick and we stayed at the hospital for a week. He had the RS virus – and everything was really under control and I went on as planned. When I then laters took the stage and started the interviews they kept on sending up the wrong guy so all my questions got mixed up. I guess the breastfeeding, illness and being a newly mum of two didn’t count on things to go wrong so at the end I kind of did a lousy job up there. My English got from being ok to after I while I could hear myself talking like a Swede who barley uses the English language at all. And I lost the flow in the questions. And when this happens everything kind of starts to fall apart. I don’t think it was a disaster but it wasn’t the best conversation on a stage you ever heard. I can tell you that much.

But the thing is looking back I really wonder what I was doing? He was barley out of the womb. Why couldn’t I simply enjoy the wonderful Swedish parental leave. Why couldn’t I just have called and said you know what. My kid has been ill. You have to find someone else? Not because of me doing a bad preparation but just because you simply can’t do it all. And that is OK. I didn’t work much when Beppe was a baby and I really like working so I think I managed ok. But still I could have been more gentle towards myself. Given myself a bigger break.

This is also an interesting thing that I’m reading lot’s about. People in interviews always telling they’re not regretting anything. Sure I learned a lot. And I don’t have this huge regrets in life. But still I regret doing some things I’ve done in some small way or another. To me realizing this is also somehow realizing that I’ve learned some a lesson the way.


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Life at Isabelles apartement

Still working as crazy before the holidays. But managed to take some snaps from home today. Kids room is full with stuff as it is supposed to be.

Still listening alot to Veronica Maggios new album but soon I’m probably gonna OD. Favorite track Låtsas som det regnar. And love these lines from Hädanefter:
Sluta leta efter kaos eller fylla
Jag ska lägga mig i tid för dig
Börja gå i terapi för dig

My friend over here is not that photogenic. It’s a pity since it’s a fantastic lamp. I got him some new pants.

We are living on the fifth floor and it’s in the middle of the day but you can see the gloomy winter light taking over everything. But the snow is helping out. And the thought of being in Mexico next week kind of helps too!


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