14/52 Jenny From DosFamily


Viola and I and some dolls for this weeks Selfie.

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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Make really easy yarn pompoms and then a rug out of them – a DosFamily DIY


All the years I have been doing yarn pompoms by taking two cardboard discs and then filling them with yarn. This was very time consuming But this is a much easier way. I also made a rug out of them. All of this you can watch when me, Della, John & Nathalie was on Tv4′s morning show a week ago!


1. Wrap yarn around your hand. How more yarn you make the bigger pom pom. You can also wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard.


2. When you think you have enough pull a tread in the middle. You can pull it in under and between your fingers or just let the rolled peice slide off your fingers. Tighten with a knot.


4. It will look like a small bow of yarn.


4. Cut the sides of the bow – cut all the loops. Then the yarn will take the form of a pom pom.


5. You can always make trim the “ball” afterwards – you can even make it square.


6. For the rug I used a anti slip rug , that you normally place underneath rugs. The I simply tied the balls to the anti slip rug. You get the best results by placing the pom poms rather tight to each other.


Et voilà – this is what it can look like. You can also make it a square rug or in the shape of a hart or why not as a letter.


Such a fluffy little thingie.

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Life At Jenny´s House


Hi everybody!  (Imagine that this is how I say it)

I hope you are well.
Here are a few pictures from our loving home and also some conversation between Jens and I from today.

At the 8 o’clock  coffee:
Jenny: “You want me to go only so you and the kids can eat red meat all weekend”.

At the 10 o´clock coffee:
Jens: “Ì´m going to write a book about you one day. It will be my first horror story”

And then later after hours of ranting on and on about myself I ask “Jens what´s wrong with me?
Jens: “Last time I tried to tell you you got really mad so I´m not going there again”

dosfamily-change1dosfamily-change3dosfamily-lifeylifeydosfamily-frankwatchingtv1. I don´t clean. I just repaint.
2. Viola´s hair lives a life of it´s own.
3. Saba in Viola´s net.
4. Helmet from the last post.
5. Watching TV

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13/52 Isabelle From Dosfamily


I’m on an official high!
Just being really grateful for the moment.
The Rum För kidsen book is going really well – we get so many great words and reviews! thank you!!

And I also get lot’s of love from people I don’t know on Instagram. The kids are great. Last weeks #isabellemeets was a blast.
It’s so much fun with the wallpapers.
I’m in love with my husband and
I have the best partner in crime in Jenny!

Lot’s of love and thank you!!
I mean it!

See all our selfies of 2014.
Each week
One portrait of Jenny.
One portrait of Isabelle.

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12/52 Isabelle from Dosfamily


I haven’t really been into Selife-mood lately. To much going on. Me feeling like my soul would get lost if I snapped a selfie.

Then I found this Pink Panter on a flea market. Actually I found him two weeks ago but didn’t buy him. Then I went back – and guess what. She had forgotten it in her car – so it was all mine. My precious.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Isabelle meets @ Fotografiska

Tuesday we had an event that I called Isabelle Meets at the photographic museum in Stockholm – Fotografiska. My plan is to do these events on a regular basis – meeting interesting people and mix them up with cool companies.

Since I have been doing many fantastic collaborations this year I thought about getting them on board and since me and Jenny just published the book – it was a good starting point. So we invited a cool bunch of bloggers/instagramers/stylists and had a ball!
Check out #isabellemeets for all kind of photo’s from the day.

The day started with coffee and some cinnamon buns then we all got into the very stylish conference room called Annie (named after Annie Lebovitz).


Me and Jenny presented our book and how we started to work together. We started this blog in 2009


Next week my wallpapers that I made for Mr Perswall is coming out – here is a sneak peak!


We also talked with Ellos about our collaboration. I’ve designed a kids interior collection that will be out after the summer. And Beckers was also there talking about paint.


We got a great lunch. Fotografiska really make an effort on the food department. So just go there, have a lunch and enjoy the view- it’s a spectacular place!


After lunch we got a tour around the house by Jan Broman – one of the brothers that founded the museum. I think lot’s of people just thought they where nuts starting this project just 4 years ago. But they made it! Look how stern me and Jenny look. If looks could kill and so on…


At the ground floor they have this large projector- sometimes there are nightclubs here – sometimes they rent this area out to big company happenings. It’s amazing with the moving images all over!


The best thing about the day was meeting everyone. Most of the gals we know only from the internet. I have seen their kids grow up and their style evolve but never met them before. That was fun! Here is Jenny with Johanna Gartmyr – a very talented designer. She makes great posters...



and she also designs for Swedish company Tretorn who makes rainclothes and boots. She designed these two! Thank you for the treat!


Here you can see Sofia from the amazing blog and web shop Mokkasin talking to Mimmi Staaf – who’s work you also have to check out! She has a store just outside Stockholm. Look at this little Beret stool she’s made


Then we just kept on talking all afternoon! and talked and talked and talked. I was so psyched about everything that happened that I forgot to take photo’s.
Luckily we where together with very good bloggers!

Sofia From Mokkasin did a fantastic post about our day - check it out here.

Emilia Henriksson filmed the whole thing – thank you so much <3!

Jenny from Hemtrender made a lovely piece about it.

And Mr PErswall put up some photo’s on their facebook.

Sofia & Therese from Homoner & Hemmorojder wrote great about it. They are so much fun!


I also got the chance to sign some books!

When everyone left me and Jen just sat like this in the room for about two hours. Eating candy, talking about the day and watching the sun set over Stockholm.

Thank you everyone who supported this day!
Above I stole some images from the #isabellemeets.

Everyone who was there with us this lovely day

Sofia Jansson - Mokkasin  (@sofiamokkasin)
Johanna Gartmyr – Aprillaprill (@aprillaprilljohanna)
Emilia Henriksson – Grrrl Collection (@emiliahenrik)
Jenny Martinsson  – Hemtrender  (@hemtrender)
Mimmi Staaf  (@mimmistaaf)
Sofia & Therese – Hormoner & Hemmorojder
Maria Soxbo – Husligheter (@husligheter)
Frida Eklund  – Fridas Fina (@fridasfina)
AnnaLeena Leino Karlsson – Annaleenas hem (@annaleenashem)
Lotta Lundberg – dromma (@dromma)
Lo Bjurulf – Link DEco (@lobjurulf)
Heidi Hed – (@husethed)
Piia – Fröken gul (@frkgul)
Ti Kullander – Blomblogg (@tililili)
Karin Schaefer – Pysselbolaget
Anders Pettersson Lindberg – Koffertmannen (@koffertmannen)
Charlotta Norlén (@charlottanorlen)



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