I have become a catagrammer


I never tough it would be this much fun having a cat. I was afraid of the smell – with good sand and a closed box it’s pretty much non-existent! and I thought they where boring- like sleeping all day with a bad temper. But this one is totally bonkers. And he  (yes it’s a he Ragnhild you where right) comes and greet us by the door when we are coming home. And he totally are in the way sitting on my lap top when I’m working from home.


With us moving soon it’s pretty much like a amusement park for cats here right now. Loads of boxes to climb on, jump to and hide in.


It even went well taking him with to our country house

And look at this mischievous little face, Just come to momma <3




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Formex Fair


Last week it was the Formex Fair in Stockholm – where they show all new small interior stuff. This was from the opening exhibition that Saša Antić and Niklas Hansen had beautifully put up together.  I just had an hour to get around – had some meetings out there and these images are some snaps from things that caught my eye.


I enjoyed the colors at Matteus Ceramics


And this hand carved table from India is one of the most beautiful things I ever seen. Found at Olsson & Jenssen. That I think crazy talented stylist Marie Olsson Nylander bought.


My friend Ann Söderlunds husband started this brand with freshly made circus lamps – called Cirkuslampan. They produce the lamps in Sweden- great idea- always loved lamps like this!



Littlephant and Camilla Lundsten was so crazy bizzy I couldn’t get a decent shot of her monter or her. ( She always looks like a stylish Bonbon) But they have started to do wallets and stuff in leather. Like em a lot!


Men at works has been very successful with their city trivets but I think that the one bottom left is truly a trivet for me!



Afro art’s fabrics and stuff never get old. Love the brightness and the authentic feel!


There was loads and loads and loads of fabric this year- maybe always is but this year it felt like much more.


More elaborate things about Formex you can find at Husligheter and elsas blogg


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well yes hello!


It’s been a while! This blurry image is all I had time to produce in way to long. My family is bonding over some Zombie game on the Ipad as you can see in the back, the cat is all the time on my keyboard or simply  on the laptop being in the way of me working. But damn – I never guessed it would have been so much fun having a cat! Such a joy. I have sold the kids bed, our headboards, the sofa table and the buggy. Slowly we are getting ready for our move to the new apartment. My days are filled with color samples and thinking decoration & building stuff. I’ll give you all a big update soon! For me it’s like the excitement before x-mas for kids. Can’t wait to move!!
I’ve also skipped sugar, bread and alcohol for a week now and upped my working out game – so good. I feel such a difference in a very short amount of time. It’s amazing! What else- yes now I’ll go to the movies – we’re gonna see Catching Fire!
Big kisses


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It´s not even TBT




I know it´s not even throwback Thursday today but I found this adorable picture on my desktop that I need to talk about. It´s of me and my sisters hanging out at our mom´s house. It makes me thinking back at the best summer ever: The summer of 2014!
It was warm and sunny and I even got a tan. My sister was here visiting from Nebraska. Jens and I had the whole summer off together and except for a few outbreaks of lice things were pretty much perfect.

Also this was when I decided to get over my fear (not fear really more like swimming laziness) of water and I ended up spending more time in a bikini than in any other outfits (mostly because I used it as my underwear all summer- true story, and we did not do a lot of laundering).

I did so much swimming I was practically always “on my way to the beach“. My hair was constantly messy, my nail polish chipped and there was always sand between my toes.


During this time of leisure this song was my soundtrack. If I wasn’t playing it in the car it was on a loop in my head.

“The Swimming Song” by Loudon Wainwright III


You can read more about my transformation in this post.


BONUS: If you like the song above I´m guessing you´ll like this one as well Judee Sill – “Jesus was a crossmaker” 

From this post about our work ethics

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Snapshots of fighting in the kitchen

dosfamily-frankandfurby dosfamily-violafrankandfurby dosfamily-kitch   dosfamily-kitchenmadness2dosfamily-kitchendramadosfamily-kitchenmadnessdosfamily-makingmemoriesdosfamily-fighting

Good morning.

This is what our weekend has been like, mostly.

But right now the kids are at school and daycare and the house is quiet again.
Jens and I are working side by side in our living room. The weather is wet and windy and we have a fire going in the fireplace. We are thinking about getting take out for lunch but none of us want to go outside.

I hope your Monday is good.




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What my kids fight about


Viola is 9 and a half and Frank just turned 5.
They sure know how to pick a fight.
Here are a few popular phrases that our kids use to start a fight. They work every single time.


Frank to Viola. “I´m stronger than you“. (Usually ends with Viola picking Frank up and carrying him into the bathroom and shutting the door)
Viola to Frank: “We are never going to listen to Gangnam Style again!” (nope not over it yet)
Frank to Viola: “I´m going to take your stuffed animal and hide it so you will never ever see it again”
Viola to Frank: “Tomorrow I´m going to sit in the front of the car on the way to school”
Viola (all dolled up with mascara and lipstick) to me: “No I don´t have to go wash my face ´cause I´m not wearing any makeup”
Viola to me or Jens ( 5 minutes past her bedtime) “I´m just waiting for my Sim to finish dinner so I can take her home, but it takes forever because her date keeps instagraming their food.  If I don´t get her back to the house tonight I won´t be able to save my progress. And tomorrow I don’t have any time to play Sims at all because of soccer practice. Please let me stay up a bit longer. It is not fair!”

If we, the parents are up for a fight, this is what we can say to either of the kids to get the party started:
Today you have to take a shower”.

And then there are also all the classics like fighting over the remote control (computer keyboard). Who will sit where at dinner time.  Who´s shirt is the most red. And who get´s to pick the music. And I just turned 35 and Jens is 40 in a few days.









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