You tube wednesday

I’m just a sucker for twisted illusion and creative weirds ways of doing things. This video is great – probably internet will explode with this video but never mind! Enjoy!

Pearls Negras: The Girls from Vidigal on

And with the world cup in Brazil and all eyes on this fantastic country – check out these cool gals!

Also if you are amazed by hights – check this out!


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Life At Jenny´s House


So Jens and I had a talk with the kids. We told them. “Hey listen. If we are going to survive this long summer break you need to stop shouting “MOM”, “DAD” every 15 minutes.  We are simply going to go mental if you do”. They looked at us as if they understood.

Now they have started to call us “JENNY!!!, JENS!!!


Other things that has happened: My lens hood is broken so sometimes my pictures look like this…


… an acquaintance (with a very neat garden) was here and complimented us for having such a cozy and welcoming garden. This came as such a surprise to me; I always think that people with neat gardens look at ours with a frown and see nothing but a tangled mess. He excused his own garden with “we don´t want the hassle of gardening so we plant nothing and only keep a trimmed lawn”

I get that but for me it´s like this:
I love having a garden and I plant things as if I was totally unaware of my lack of consistency. If the plant survives my neglect I tell myself. “Wow this sure is a keeper! Let´s go buy some more of them!”

Stuff is growing everywhere and if I don´t feel like pulling weeds they will be left there growing into full length.
Apparently I´m not the only one who finds this endearing.


Viola is singing and talking mostly in English nowadays.  (with cousins in the US she has the privilege of being exposed to the language often. that and also 100 of hours of youtube a day helps). She asks us to give her sentences in Swedish for her to translate. It can be anything like “I would rather be sleepy in London then naked in Paris” or “If you don´t give me my breakfast now I´m going to throw a tantrum” or simply: “Can I wear my tail to school?”

We are so impressed with her ability to improvise and she wont give up until we understand. Like f.e.
We asked her:
How would you order a ham and cheese sandwich?” 
She said:
Can I please have some bread with cheese and pigs butt?”


The baby birds left the bird house.


Also Saba the cat spends a lot of time outside. On a leash. She gets tangled up in pretty much everything. The swing, plants, toys and weeds and so on. Thanks to this we´ve finally figured out how crop circles are made. You simply put a cat on a leash in a field and eventually you´ll have a perfectly round shape with a cat stuck in the middle. I made a rough sketch to explain it.


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Where is Jenny


Sorry folks. Its been too long. I´ll be back in a few days. Untill then find me on Instagram @jennyfromdosfamily

Have a good one!

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22/52 Jenny From DosFamily


I went to Legoland with the family. Here is Selfie no. 22

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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22/52 Isabelle From Dosfamily


I cut 10 cm from my hair and I regret it like the girls in Top Model. Big time drama queen meltdown. No, no meltdown but just a bit regretful. Yeah, yeah I know. It will grow. But if I felt (all in my head) a bit like a flowing cool breezy jet setter hippie with my hair before the cut. I now feel more like a well put together lawyer who is about ten years older than I am now. I guess I’m pretty far from both these types and maybe it’s just my PMS working tricks with my head. It seems like lately the PMS is a problem that never was there before.  But the color is great. I was aiming for some crazy coloring shit but didn’t book enough time at the saloon, after the summer I will do it.
Right after the hairdressers I went to do Bikram Yoga. You know the kind you do in 40degrees heat and 40 % humidity – the Yoga you do to feel like you are in labour for two hours again. I haven’t done it in years. Last time I did it I couldn’t find my way home afterwards. And the Yoga studio is only two blocks from my home. I was 2 mm from calling a cab. The heat is such a killer but after the the session when you’ve cooled down the body is like a new one. Alla the muscles work like a baby again. And now this time I went with a friend, Lotta, who was in town and wanted to go so I simply went with her without thinking too much. When I started to sweat, the ammonia in the hair or whatever chemicals there are from the coloring products started to smell and evaporate so it felt like I was working out in a pool of pee all wrapped around my head- and thought I was going to pass out. But I made it. Sure panicked a couple of times in the middle. But still made it.

Other news this week is that I’ve been soooo tired. I need it to be vacay soon. I’m a sleepwalking zombie. I have also searched the web for dresses I will never buy, landed an awesome job and want to take the family on some adventures this weekend but don’t know where.

Whats up with all of you? Your life (and hair) treating you well?



See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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The why, what, how did we end up in Moscow and what did we think about going to Russia in the first place?


Honestly, we had lot’s of thoughts and ambivalence going to Russia. I mean all the anti- gay awful laws, homophobic violence and other strange idea’s of human rights and the trouble going on with Ukraine to mention a few but also consider all the history combined with the news we get in Sweden about this huge country isn’t exactly happy, good or fun at all. But what would have happen if we boycotted the whole trip? Nothing. I mean come on we’re not Lady Gaga or Obama! At least now we live to tell our story.
We where also curious – there must be more than what meets the eye even tough we don’t agree with the regime of the country. People are mostly like people – all over the world – right?!


The How:
Our friend Jennifer from had somehow got connected with a really fun, cool and creative magazine called Season Project, based in Moscow. Jennifer now lives in NYC and she recommended Nastasia From Season’s to contact med when they got to Stockholm. Well,  Nastasia and Geanie came to do a house tour at my place (it’s now printed in their magazine as seen above) in February and we just clicked. They where super cool and fun and we had a short but very good time. And I kept on telling them how I now wanted to go to Moscow someday and if I would go could they help me? I just had an idea that Moscow is one of those places that would be much more fun knowing someone. Well I guess most places are but you know Moscow with 15 million official (but they think more likely 18 million) residents and with still lot’s of never been heard of places would be better with a street smart know-it-all that lives there. We talked about it, they went back home and I kind of forgot about it.


The Why:
A couple of months later I got a mail from Nastasia with the title – Welcome to Moscow! I was invited to give a talk and workshop in Moscow. The Seasons Magazine have a Design Festival every spring  – Called Seasons Subbotnik Festival. Subbotnik used to be some sort of Spring Cleanse – like when all Russians came together and planted, painted and fixed stuff after the winter. The magazine has it’s headquarters on the ground of an old perfume factory Flacon. There are now all kinds of shops and work spaces for creative people. Seasons doesn’t only produce the magazine from there they also give lessons in drawing, painting, work shops for kids etc. all year around. So me and Jenny went – above she is pointing at the big festival posters – it’s says something about Swedish crazy persons giving talks. And we gave talks, had workshops and went to peoples homes so that Jenny could photograph them – we will show them soon here on the blog.


Also invited and giving talks where very talented Alexis Holmqvist &  Cristiano Pigazzini from Note Design studio & Frida Eriksson from Furniture.  Cristiano and Jenny thought it was the worst idea ever – jumping on top of the roof… But I just can’t help myself. But as you can see I’m not jumping- I’m flying!


Happy people listening to our talks. It was weird being translated with an interpreter after each sentence but I think it worked out great.


The What did we think:
Well after meeting all these lovely people and experiencing everything that we now have, we must say that it was in a way nothing like we thought.  We are aware that we hung out with a minority of Russians, creative people who looks, acts and thinks like much like us. And going to some parts of Moscow was like parts of New York. The thing is that we had been so warned about many things. Things that people normally warned about before knowing anything. That it wasn’t safe on the streets, that the credit cards would get skimmed all the time, that people wasn’t friendly. I mean just read this report from  the Tripadvisor site.  We thought the police & all the stately affairs would be much more present in the daily life but somehow it felt very far away. The city was also much more colorful than we thought and the food was great. And for a Swede it wasn’t that expensive. But without our Russian friends as guides I guess it would have been harder to see and enjoy the town.  It feels like there is a lot of things happening. And about politics – it seems that no – they are not totally happy but at least right now there is a better way of living for many people than in a long time and also somewhat stable which most people truly appreciate. And we totally get that.


Here they are – our fantastic Moskowitsi crew. When Jenny was taking her photos our lovely friends just hung out. We are amazed over the way that they took care of us. And how they took care of each other. So much love! Thank you so much!


After lunch Chocolate cake and milk! And Yes of course coffee for Jenny.


Go and see this city yourselves! We’re doing a best of Moscow list soon. Contact someone from there and let them guide you.
And keep an open mind. Always!

Isabelle & Jenny



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