Gone Camping


After hanging in our house for a couple of weeks we needed some adventure so we borrowed the neighbors tent and took off. The happiness I feel just sitting in a car and going to unknown destinations is not of this world. Yeah we where just going for an half an hour,  a couple of miles away but still. Not knowing what and how was great. I believe We do lots of things with our kids but life in a family can still get a bit conform. I love that as well but I also need to shake it up sometimes even if it is just for a day.


We where told about this pretty little lake. There where supposed to be a camping place and a little further away we found a perfect spot for us. We where all alone surrounded by water. In my heart I feel like an adventurer – a jungle woman with survival skills but I don’t think I would last a couple of days like Crusoe. And I’m getting more and more comfy by the day and even worse with the years. But it was fun and we all did well hence being newbies.


Pretty nice view! Today I heard there are leaches in there. They didn’t get me though! Phew!  Every time I think about leaches I think about the movie Stand By me. I watched it so many times as a kid. Do you follow tv_with_jenny_and_jens on Instagram? You should! Watch their Stand By me scene here.


Since the weather was fantastic and we didn’t really planned this trip in advance. I’d cooked some food we had at home and brought it along as on a picnic. Basically we brought everything worth chewing on. There are bears in the woods but no one that I know or have met up here have every seen one so we didn’t hang our food up in a tree. Maybe that’s somethings they do only in the movies? I believe everything I watch.


Small secret bridges, floating islands, insects, birds, fish and fun things to explore everywhere. That’s what I call adventure.


Even the blueberries were ripe. And very yummy.


Della is our fisherwoman. When I tried the casting rod – it always ended up in the tree behind me. But that’s fine. I rather like the fish staying in the sea.


The lake is surrounded by eskers which makes the nature dramatic and fun. Highs and lows.


Beppe took his pants off at seven cause he wanted to go to bed. Something that have never happened before. But with all the excitement he was out at around eleven. I guess first night in a tent made some rather bonkers…


And others rather zen – like. OR maybe just brain dead.


At 0200 I woke up and went outside. It was all foggy and something was making a weird kind of Vuvuzela animalistic sound. I have no idea what kind of animal it was- sounded funny and strange. And luckily small.


I dreamed about 150 bears surrounding the tent. Totally at ease… I remember the first night when I back packed around South America – some ten years ago and slept in the jungle for the first time (for real!! but it was in a village in a proper bed, inside a house) but all the sounds over there. Sweden is so quiet if you compare it to the Brazilian Woods. At the time I thought snakes and lizards and other slimy cold things would creep into my bed. But this time no bears and in Brazil no creepy things. Not even cockroaches. I could just enjoy the full moon.


During the night our airbeds lost all the air and it got very cold. I can’t say I slept like a baby but it was still great.



This one never stops swimming.


My boys in the morning.


Close by there was this Slogbod, It’s a hut with a fireplace outside. Inside some swallows had a little nest. So we moved far from it to give them some space. The sound the make when they swooosh by and the way the fly is amazing!


Beppe is making toast. If I knew there was a fireplace – I would have brought a more grand breakfast. But that’s kind of part of the game – camping and keeping it simple goes hand in hand.

Yes we are the real MacGyvers now. Or maybe at least on our way. Something I can happily say now when I’m back in front of my computer. But I guess thats the thing. You don’t have to go all in. Camp for a week and do it full on. You can go away for a day and then do it soon again.
But I enjoy the idea of knowing I could handle more nature. Getting more outdoorsy. In the same way I want to be able to build my own house (getting there as well).  But maybe I also need to learn how to cook properly and for that I don’t really have any patience.


Some more fishing before heading back home. And no we didn’t catch any. And no mosquitoes!
In the same way being out skiing all day – camping also makes you feel like a parent of the year. Rozy cheeks, being outdoorsy, poor mobile coverage all adds up to that award. Yeah there was some whining at times but far less than any random normal day at home and the sleeping didn’t match a fancy hotel but we all agreed we have to do it again. Some time soon.


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Life at Isabelles House


At our house some young folks where playing mirror mirror upon that wall a bit too much so we took the mirror in the hallway down and I found this painting in the shed. The pink wall is also new. A very strange color. In some lights simply the best and some times it looks like a pigs arse…


Got my nails did with the help of a heavy caulk gun. But I’m very excited about whats gonna happen with the nail. All those natural colors! Maybe I should give it it’s own insta account? Last year Beppe lost his nail and then he put the nail in his summer memory envelope that he brought back to daycare. Guess it runs in the family.


Today we had at least 30 degrees outside. I biked to the lake but got back more sweaty than before. But the kids played outside, it was a simple breeze through the house, a nice view and catchy pop tune on the radio. And I just sat there, inside and drank an ice cold can of coke. It was like in one of those coke ads – but very Swedish instead of truly American. And it tasted so, so, so good.



My mom is here from Belgium this week and the kids gave her some make up and she showed them her best tricks. I guess none of them will ever go pro in the make up artist world.



Della got this tweenie magazine and when I woke up she had redecorated around her bed. She doesn’t even know half of the stars but they’re still alluring! Some posters and tape is all you need for a new look. That’s my girl!


Behind our house is this magic meadow. Today was harvest day. We never know when it’s gonna happen but it always makes us a bit sad. The wilderness is such a beauty.


Every year we say we need to paint the house. But we never really get there. Or as you can see my hubby painted up to his hight two years ago. I don’t even know where to start about this…


I think a lot, well not maybe that much, but a little about that mums are never in the photos – text. (REad it here) I think Jenny has written about it earlier this year. Anyways. I always take all the photos in this house and when I’m in one its either because I asked for it or I use the Camera Awesome app on my iphone.  Thats why I looks so “are you talking to me? I’m not interested in this shot. Maybe I have to hire on of those  normal people paparazzis you could rent to kind of watch myself through someone else’s lens. (That I’m not that aware of?)


And also what happened in that Brazil game? I still feel sick. Crazy bananas. My heart is in Brazil.



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Life At Jenny´s House


Life at our house is mostly like this nowadays… Several nights a week we eat eggs, herring and potatoes.


Saba the cat sleeps at least 20 hours a day. Sometimes by herself…


and sometimes she sleeps in Frank´s company.


My sister from Nebraska is here visiting with her family. She came bearing gifts.


Sure, nature is beautiful nowadays but Viola and I sneak inside to watch Youtube as often as we can. Viola is a sucker for 80´s videos and Jens and I are more then happy to help her find some tunes we used to play on our walkmans. Today we´ve been enjoying Kate Bush. Especially Wuthering Heights and Cloudbusting




Bye for now.


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27/52 isabelle from dosfamily


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27/52 Jenny From DosFamily


Since Jens is on vacation he is doodling on everything he gets his hands on.
This is  my Selfie no. 27


See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Life At Jenny´s House


July I´m so happy you are here. My calendar is cleared so I have room for all your nonsense to start.


 Rhett Butler having a burger


A witch in a hat with her cat.




This is what we are watching , reading and listening to nowadays…
Our own account @tv_with_jenny_and_jens on Instagram, were we share our favorite TV clips.
Jens says that “when we reach 3000 clips we can throw our TV out the window and only watch the clips.”

Donna Tartt The Goldfinch (Steglitsan in Swedish)

We´ve added some tracks to our playlist lately. Evans Pyramid “Never Gonna Leave You” and Erkin Koray “Türkü” and Chaka Khan”Father He Said”


Bye for now


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