18 C and early in the morning I passed this view in Stockholm while running!

I run a couple of times a week when I’m not too tired. But I have been doing so without a goal. First I started out using the runkeeper app on my iphone. And I tracked how far and fast I was going but after a while I realized I just needed to get out there. Just to run without any goal or pressure and so I’ve been doing for a while. But now  I need to see some changes in my training.
I want to feel I get better and I hope you will start with me? Let’s do a Dosfamily Running Club!

My goal is set on running 10km (10k) and I have asked my neighbor Kvitter Javelin for some help. (Yes, her name is really Chirping in Swedish -beautiful isn’t it!)
Kvitter makes sporty spice go and hide. She is always out and about. Running in the woods, doing the Vasaloppet, hanging upside down in some sort of pole dance training or just accidentally running a Marathon. So you get the picture. Kvitter is THE sporty gal to ask for help.

So the thing is are you – the lovely Dosfamily readers with me?
Kvitter will makes us a program that makes us run 10 km in 10 weeks. If you just want to do the 5k or less it’s also good. But it is fun if we do it together! The aim is to work out 3 times a week. We start really slow and then build it up. This is that everyone can be with us from the start, all kind of you from rookies to you that have been running before! This will also help to prevent us from getting injured which is a pretty good thing! In the weeks Kvitter will also give us tips of good strengthening exercises and stretch exercises that are good for runners. Hopefully we will also get into food, clothes and other fun stuff!

It’s important to set them. It’s easier to start end to continue if you know your Why’s. Why are you doing this?
A goal can be
– to run 10 k before the end of June (with or without a time limit)
– Do a race- it doesn’t have to be a marathon. In Sweden there are loads of them. Vår Ruset (5km), Midnattsloppet in August (10k), If you live in the us I would go for a Color run (in many different cities.)
– Do a 10k under 1 hour
– Be able to run/jog/sprint during 30 minutes.
– Run at a speed of 5min/km during 5 km
-Loose some weight for Beach 2013
-Or jog for 3km and be able to talk to a running buddy at the same time.

The goals are for you to decide!
If you want to do a race- a tip from coach Kvitter is to sign up for a race way in advance. Racing is popular- they sell out pretty quick and it’s a fun and good gaol to set!
Like for all the Swedish races, sign up now already  you can find them all on this link.

Image from the color run

Partner in crime?
For some of you it’s easier to do it with a buddy. It’s not that easy staying at home eating chocolate instead of working out if you have a partner. But on the other hand some of you maybe prefer doing it alone. Just think about whats suits you best.

When do we start/how does this work?
Kvitter will give us a weekly program every Sunday here on Dosfamily. She has made a schedule for working out 3 times a week for 10 weeks. First the workouts are about 30 minutes long but they will get longer when we start running longer.
Make plans for this and be realistic. It’s better to do some than none. Also if you miss one time – just do it later. All the workouts will still be here on the blog to get back to. Don’t be to hard on yourselves!

Here on the blog we can give each other some help, advice and playlists!

So we start Sunday! – ok?!