My daughter has been dying about getting a Monster High doll. She’s been craving it for over a year. I don’t know where she got to know about it in the first place since it doesn’t run on Swedish TV but like all trends they find a way to the brain in one way or another. We hadn’t bought it since she pretty much stopped playing with dolls or never really started- she has simply been collecting them. Anyway after being away for a weekend. Me and hubby bought this Create a Monster High – doll set. Or at least that’s what I thought. But the thing was that it had everything except upper arms, thighs and “hair”. So we bought a doll for about 300 kronor/ 40 dollares and she couldn’t do anything with it. It was just parts. And yes, if I knew the deal about these dolls I would know about reading the fine print that said it was an add on pack. So since it ws a gift I couldn’t or wouldn’t just leave her with a worth nothing doll so I had to go to another toy store and buy the first real create a monster set for another 400 kronor/50 dollars. I have never bought a toy this expensive. But the thing with this original pack is that it also comes incomplete. There are two dolls but only one pair of shoes and one set of hair – or in another only one dress etc. So now she has 4 incomplete dolls and loads of hoover friendly parts. And this is when I start to get angry.

I know it is my choice as a parent and a woman to buy this kind of toys but I till think it’s a scam. And I will mos def think harder the next time. But not only do I rip my hair out about the way it’s sold. How more I think about it I think these dolls are awful in so many ways.
At first, also as a fantasy fan, I liked the concept of Monster High. Odd monsters with all kinds of attributes and superhuman features. They are a bit weird and “clumsy” with their powers. But if you really look at them they are like dead Barbies what of course is the meaning. If Barbie is making us look strange at our own bodies, I mean these dolls will be the end of us. Yeah, they are monsters – they can look weird but why do they have to take the female bodies into the next extreme stage of fantasy?
You also get different body parts so you can play with them – create monsters, so how come they still all look the same? The same sick ideal. Why isn’t it different sizes on the body parts and different main bodies? How come you can’t build a guy – No let’s just change how a girl look – again.

I think it’s easy to dismiss this and say oh they are just monsters, just simple toys. But the thing is all small input, all the dolls, images and photo’s about how we look and how we dress all the time matters. We store them inside. I don’t want it anymore.