Dos Family is about good looking sofas, fleamarket findings, TV, how to build a diner with toys, country living, everyday life, food, felt pen-tattoos and home tours. It’s all about the strange and beautiful thing called inspiration, really. Welcome to the world of Dos– now go do something!
Jenny Brandt is a gifted photographer with pictures of kids and homes as her superpower. She loves Days of our lives, flea market bargains and coffee. She lives in a small village in Skåne in the south of Sweden with hubby Jens, daughter Viola and baby boy Frank. They have painted their hallway eleven times, every time in another shade of yellow. Apart from redecorating, dressing up in costumes and working, Jenny and Jens design and sell super nice posters here . They spend at least one month a year in Nebraska, US. Jenny is the owner of every Scooby Doo-doll action figure on planet earth.
Jenny on instagram: jennyfromdosfamily
Dos family started in 2009 as a creative collaboration between Jenny Brandt and decorator Isabelle McAllister.
In 2015 the blog transformed into Jenny´s own blog while Isabelle McAllister moved over to


Text By: Rebecka Åhlund

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