Grandpa love again! New store & great people

In my hood on Södermalm in Stockholm there is this most amazing store called Grandpa. I’ve written about them before. They are both one of the good guys. Down to earth for being in fashion but still very cool and stylish. I write “them” since it is one of these companies that feels like a gang. Like everyone is involved and happy to work there. I used to share offices with them a couple of years back and love them all. Now they just remodeled their first store and today was the first day they opened again. I was there and got some Champagne.  Pretty nice afternoon.

They are also very kind cause sometimes when I do interview and stuff I can borrow stuff from them. Remember last time?  They never ask to get anything in return so this is not a sponsored post but you still need to know our connection. Love this top.

And this is the new store. The CEo and the owners all got their hands dirty building it. Just check them out on Insta.

Here is another outfit I borrowed. I’ll let you know when the magazine is out…

I really like the panel on the wall (maybe panels always are on a wall?) with the different oak lists.

And I got a little goodiebag.

Maybe I need to get that top after all


Ps, they used to have a youtube show called the Grandpa Show. Watch me in it right here.


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February 22, 2018 at 07:55

Definitely get the top! Looks like two of you are made for each other! Your fan from Tallinn!

March 6, 2018 at 23:33

“Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree said Grandpa E24 M6