Jenny in Nebraska part 1


Last week we flew to Nebraska. We are spending December here. Working and hanging out with our family. (I told you about it here). So far we´ve been working on getting rid of the jet lag and frankly it´s been real nice not sitting by the computer. Now I´m back though and here are a few pictures from my phone.


The weather has been nice and the cousin have been running around outside playing tag with the neighbor kids. Viola is loving practicing her language skills and has become friends with a girl here who speaks Japanese.



I went to Target and picked up this little number. A 2-piece PJ that I will spend Christmas in.


We went for a walk and saw this guy looking back at us from a yard we passed.


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December 15, 2014 at 17:54

Vad kul att få lite US-jul från er! Din PJ ser supermjuk och superskön ut Jenny. Hoppas på en och annan uppdatering här inne också. (Jodå, det finns faktiskt människor som inte använder instagram. Tro det eller ej, vi finns:).