Jens and I both work from our shared home in our joint company.
This means that we are together pretty much 24 7.   It also means that:

We share the ups and downs of our work as well as our coffee.
We can fight over what music to listen to. (But today we both agreed on Jedee Sill- Jesus was a crossmaker)
Our work is done at desks where we have dinner at night with the kids (This will soon change cause we are adding an extra room to our house for a proper workspace).
We can only get to those desks by tippy toeing through the landscapes of crap that the kids have left on the floor.
We can do laundry while the work inspiration is gone.
Jens is forced to listen to me ranting about the latest Days Of Our Lives episode as I watch it during lunch break.“I really hope that Sami and Lucas get back together”. “Oh please Daniel take that silly necklace off. It looks ridiculous”. “Wow he has not aged one bit- I wonder if they do facelifts on that deserted island he´s been on for 10 years?”
And sometimes we take a break together and go for a walk (rarely) or just watch an hour of Youtube clips (more likely)

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