Wassup rockers!
School starts this week and we are slowly (and unwillingly) trying to adapt to the changes. The weather has become drastically colder so we are back with being indoors and trying to find things to do with ourselves. dosfamily8B7B3163

Viola is constantly talking about Stromae. “Mom look at this video, you´ll love it!!“, “OMG he is so cool, here he is “half woman” Look mom, look! she screams and then complains:
Don´t you know any French at all mom?!” and
We need to go and buy some new ink for the printer we´re already out!”.


I´m excited about the writer Rainbow Rowell. (Isabelle thank you for introducing me to her book Fangirl). I just finished her book “Elenor and Park” and this fall I´m planing to read the rest of them. Her main characters are often awkward but always so easy to develop feelings for.  A bonus for me is that the books take place in Nebraska, so I know all the places they go to. I´ve driven down those streets, gone to the same movie theaters and experienced those brutally cold temperatures.  So my plan this fall is to lay on my couch, with a fire going in the fireplace and read a lot. When I need a break I´ll watch the latest season of Sister Wives. (Yes I´m obsessed with Kody and his wifes: Mari, Janelle, Christin and Robyn)


Bye Bye
Now I´ll go back to my usual “trying to hide from reality” state