At our house some young folks where playing mirror mirror upon that wall a bit too much so we took the mirror in the hallway down and I found this painting in the shed. The pink wall is also new. A very strange color. In some lights simply the best and some times it looks like a pigs arse…


Got my nails did with the help of a heavy caulk gun. But I’m very excited about whats gonna happen with the nail. All those natural colors! Maybe I should give it it’s own insta account? Last year Beppe lost his nail and then he put the nail in his summer memory envelope that he brought back to daycare. Guess it runs in the family.


Today we had at least 30 degrees outside. I biked to the lake but got back more sweaty than before. But the kids played outside, it was a simple breeze through the house, a nice view and catchy pop tune on the radio. And I just sat there, inside and drank an ice cold can of coke. It was like in one of those coke ads – but very Swedish instead of truly American. And it tasted so, so, so good.



My mom is here from Belgium this week and the kids gave her some make up and she showed them her best tricks. I guess none of them will ever go pro in the make up artist world.



Della got this tweenie magazine and when I woke up she had redecorated around her bed. She doesn’t even know half of the stars but they’re still alluring! Some posters and tape is all you need for a new look. That’s my girl!


Behind our house is this magic meadow. Today was harvest day. We never know when it’s gonna happen but it always makes us a bit sad. The wilderness is such a beauty.


Every year we say we need to paint the house. But we never really get there. Or as you can see my hubby painted up to his hight two years ago. I don’t even know where to start about this…


I think a lot, well not maybe that much, but a little about that mums are never in the photos – text. (REad it here) I think Jenny has written about it earlier this year. Anyways. I always take all the photos in this house and when I’m in one its either because I asked for it or I use the Camera Awesome app on my iphone.  Thats why I looks so “are you talking to me? I’m not interested in this shot. Maybe I have to hire on of those  normal people paparazzis you could rent to kind of watch myself through someone else’s lens. (That I’m not that aware of?)


And also what happened in that Brazil game? I still feel sick. Crazy bananas. My heart is in Brazil.