This house was build in 1825 and it would surprise me if it hasn’t been cleaned properly at all during this time. Or heey what do I know? But it sure feels like it. I’ve been talking about this house before- and old shed that was used for keeping food and grains that I rebuild last year and turned it into a sauna and a guest house – check it out here.


I already started to clean some parts last year but it’s hard work so I kept some. I had to change water every square meters and then clean it again. so I guess 4 buckets/square meters. In Sweden we say Intresseklubben antecknar translated something like “Yeah Isabelle – really friggin interesting stuff you’re telling now – let me take some notes” But for my excuse I’ll say I’m just mesmerized by how dirty it was. Must have used 10 liters of linseed oil on the whole lot.


But cleaning has never felt this good when you can see such a big difference between after & before.


Work it! All the walls, the ceiling and floors. This post is about giving me proper credits. And to show my family in the future how hard it was. And yes,  I wore lipstick – first time in a month but if it’s cleaning day you have to spice it up- remember this old post?


The best thing when taking care of the house like this is to try to figure out all the things that have happened inside. In the 70′ they moved the house from another village to our garden. It was a gift to my husbands grandmother. Since then it’s been standing here completely empty. Or like my mother in law like to say – we had a party there in the 80’s… When cleaning the walls I found this note: ‘I was here September 13 1902 AE Hansson’, I think it’s says. The year 1825 is also carved in to the wall as well as the name of the man who made the house. But was else has happened in here? I would love to know the whole history. Just think about the future. Probably they will have so much information about all of us. And since women rule the blogging world there will be alot of info from a female perspective. I wish they had Internet in 1800.


Now I’m done cleaning it’s time to decorate for real. The best part. I will do a little lounge with a sofa/guest bed downstairs. And a really long built in sofa upstairs and a big bed. Also make some space for a yoga mat, it will be perfect for yoga. I’ll show you everything when I get there!