All the years I have been doing yarn pompoms by taking two cardboard discs and then filling them with yarn. This was very time consuming But this is a much easier way. I also made a rug out of them. All of this you can watch when me, Della, John & Nathalie was on Tv4’s morning show a week ago!


1. Wrap yarn around your hand. How more yarn you make the bigger pom pom. You can also wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard.


2. When you think you have enough pull a tread in the middle. You can pull it in under and between your fingers or just let the rolled peice slide off your fingers. Tighten with a knot.


4. It will look like a small bow of yarn.


4. Cut the sides of the bow – cut all the loops. Then the yarn will take the form of a pom pom.


5. You can always make trim the “ball” afterwards – you can even make it square.


6. For the rug I used a anti slip rug , that you normally place underneath rugs. The I simply tied the balls to the anti slip rug. You get the best results by placing the pom poms rather tight to each other.


Et voilà – this is what it can look like. You can also make it a square rug or in the shape of a hart or why not as a letter.


Such a fluffy little thingie.

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