Hi everybody!  (Imagine that this is how I say it)

I hope you are well.
Here are a few pictures from our loving home and also some conversation between Jens and I from today.

At the 8 o’clock  coffee:
Jenny: “You want me to go only so you and the kids can eat red meat all weekend”.

At the 10 o´clock coffee:
Jens: “Ì´m going to write a book about you one day. It will be my first horror story”

And then later after hours of ranting on and on about myself I ask “Jens what´s wrong with me?
Jens: “Last time I tried to tell you you got really mad so I´m not going there again”

dosfamily-change1dosfamily-change3dosfamily-lifeylifeydosfamily-frankwatchingtv1. I don´t clean. I just repaint.
2. Viola´s hair lives a life of it´s own.
3. Saba in Viola´s net.
4. Helmet from the last post.
5. Watching TV