We bought a cat. Her name is Saba (named after this ape) She is a 3 month old LaPerm. Therefor this “life-post” will be very cat-oriented.  Last night the TV was turned of (couldn’t find the remote control) so the kids played TV instead. Frank and I zapped through the channels and Viola acted out different shows.  Like “Say Yes To The Dress”.  And a show about a cat called Saba. A horror movie (we past this very quick- tooo scary) she also did the News channel or as Frank prefers to call it “The boring channel”.



1. Saba
2. Viola the news anchor
3. Frank´s stuff on our bear table
4. Saba sitting in my seat.
5. Finaly I have someone who share my interest for bird watching.
6. The TV frame is usually attached on a TV. This is how we made it.