07.10 Getting ready. Early in the morning. Not that many words yet.

08. 28 Doesn’t matter if I start 2 hours before school starts or 15 minutes. We always have to hurry in the end. Have to change that.

09.00 Such a pretty window. Had a meeting in this room. Felt like I was in Paris. You can even see too the castle.

10.30 My hubby admiring the view in an house in Old town. Now we want to move here.

10.35 Yeah I know this isn’t an hour laters. Had to show this one anyways. Me and Evert Taube.

11.25 Eating at my editor Hannas desk. Wicked smart, sweet and funny. She is truly the best. I’m so lucky. I had pasta pesto rosso.

13.15 I’ve been working way too much lately. Late nights and and all the time. I sleep bad and only want to eat sugary stuff. Which I do. Like all the time.

14.55 Sweden is so dark now. Sun sets at 1500. But today it was amazing. Just look at this crazy shot!

15.53 Since we’re kind of skipping Xmas this year by leaving for Mexico. I try to catch some holiday spirit along the way instead.

16.15 Lucia is tomorrow but at school they celebrated today. I got so emotional. It was BEAUTIFUL. I cried the whole show.

17.59 Hell hour on full spin. Trying to get the whole family back home and make some dinner before everyone becomes insane.

18. 58 Beppe writes his own name for the first time. I start to cry again. And don’t say it isn’t true. All his letters are there on the paper!

19.42 I start to work again. Crazy days. But I got so much done! Also ate some Ben & Jerry’s. My fav’s New York super fudge chunk. Damn. It’s bombastically good.

Now – I’m signing off. Good Night!