If you feel a light breeze flying beside you please say hello cause it’s me running. This fall has been the steadiest in a long period. I have been concentrating. Working really hard on a couple of projects instead of really really hard on thousands. It’s been an eye opener. How did I manage to work that much before? I don’t know. I also swallowed my pride and stuck up attitude about common gyms and bought a Gym card in August and realized that instead of running around alone I needed a pull from a trainer and help from a group. Since I haven’t been doin any construction work i’ts been great to go practice during lunch. I nice break to see some people since I’m working from home and otherwise become my inner crazy cat lady to a full extent. Also good for not getting stuck in the same bad computer position. I have been doing lot’s of Yoga. Oh my what that have helped my spirit! But now – these two last weeks before xmas are crazy. I’m having so much fun but it’s simply banans. All these projects I’m working on with truly lovely people and so creative and fun. Foremost there are so much freedom involved! I feel so lucky!

How are you doing at the moment?
Do you mind to share some? Where in the world are you and what are you up to?




The movie and song that still makes me cry every time. Beaches.

Such a great art project about the female anatomy. Lovely.