School Holiday last week and we spent in at our cabin in Dalarna. This is what we where up to. Not much actually but it was great!

Big sis Katniss McAllister is showing small Robin Hood how it’s done.
Are you psyched about Catching Fire yet? I was so disappointed in the first Hunger Games movie but now my hopes are all up again…

This is my neighbor Sven. He’s been living in the village all his life. When my husbands grand grand grand father lost their old house playing cards one drunk evening. Svens mother gave the family a piece of land that now is ours. Crazy story.

We baked one cake every day and mostly sat inside watching movies so one day I dragged the kids to Siljan, a big lake close by. I still find rocks in all our pockets.

6 times in 8 days we went swimming at the gym.

It’s relaxing having some time off…

Best movie last week must have been Oz the greatest.

I was alone with them all week so now and then I had to take some small breaks. I just stole the kids Halloween candy and made up some kind of garden chore. Then I ran and sat in the cold, in the garden. Alone.  This is the other side of the Sauna.

Tomorrow I will show you some more.