Back home from my visit with Isabelle in Stockholm. We had so much to talk about.. work of course but also nonsense. It turned out that Isabelle has been so out of the loop during her 9 week long vacation in Dalarna that she had not even seen all the twerking going on in Miley´s video “We Cant Stop”.

I was thrilled to fill her in on all the celebrity nonsense.  Like how Kim Kardashian sent out fake baby pictures to her friends  just to see who would be the first one to sell the picture to the tabloids. And all the twitter feuds: Like when Tom Arnold tweeted he was giving all his home videos to the thrift shop and Roseanne had a fit -being afraid she would be in some of them. Or Miley accusing her father Billy Ray Cyrus of cheating in another tweet.

Oh Lord the ridiculousness of it all is killing me!!!

But seriously I love how Kanye and Kim named their baby North West and if you are not one of the 5 million people who have already seen Miley Cyrus video “We can´t stop” you can watch it here! All the gifs in this post are from it and belong to Miley herself.


PS: When Miley was just a baby her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, released an album with the song Achy Breaky Heart on it. Remember it?  I loved it and bought the cassette on a road trip I took with my family in the US. We were going from Norfolk , Nebraska to St. Louis. It was a long ride and my father who love country music hated that God-Awful -Pop-Country-Sound so I had to listen to it on my Walkman. I did and I learned every single word to every single song on the album.