It’s been a fun first week back to work! Love having Jenny in town and working on really good, cool and fun stuff. Oh I want to show you all everything but it have to wait a little bit longer. I do want to give a shout out to our reader Matilda who asked about help for great theme party ideas and we kind of summered it out and didn’t help out. She managed just fine without us they are having a “Drunken Sailors and Mad Mermaids party” but I do love so much that you ask this things! Thanks.

Other stuff from this week:

Lena k link to a story about popcultural Party out of Bounds.

I just started to watch Orange is the new black on Netflix. It’s become hyped here in Sweden. I can’t put my finger on it but I think it’s really corny and sometime even very bad acting and sometimes kind of brilliant. But somehow I just have to watch more. Have you seen it? What do you make out of it.

Bue The warrior made a new app. A fun graffiti inspired photo app for kids.

I also passed by Stockholm-Bombay interiors showroom this week and now I just want to go to India and explore all the colors, flowers and handicrafts that there seem to be. Love it!

It’s designweek in Stockholm and lot’s of parties and exhibitions going on. I’m missing it all – too much work to do. But Maria from the blog Husligheter has a good update on her blog and Instagram.

Have a great week end all of you!
kisses Isabelle